Name Designation
1 Judge NM Mavundla Chairperson
2 Prof C de Beer Vice-Chancellor
  Ministerial Appointments  
3 Ms SA Mchunu Director, Nursing: National
4 Prof J Meyerowitz Executive Director of UKZN Foundation Trust
5 Lt Gen. Ramlakan Chief of the Corporate Staff Services: South African National Defence Force
6 Mr P Slack Registered Accountant
  Two Members of Senate elected by Senate  
7 Prof PS Mntla Cardiology
8 Prof G A Ogunbanjo Family Medicine and Primary Health Care
  Academic  Representatives  
9 Prof L Hay Human Physiology
10 Prof T Mdaka Nuclear Medicine
  Two Student Representatives  
11 Mr  Tebogo Moloko TSRC Coordinator
12 Ms Azile Mawisa TSRC Public Relations Officer
  Non-Academic Representatives  
13 Mr N M T Lechaba Human Physiology
  External Members  
14 Mr M S I Gani Business and Finance
15 Mr L T Lekoana Business and Finance
16 Prof M Lukhele Health Sciences
17 Ms M Mamabolo Legal
18 Ms M Mneno Information Communication Technology ( ICT)
19 Mr T M Modise Marketing and  Communication
20 Dr M E C Moleki Human Resources
21 Dr M Motlatla Business and Finance
22 Dr  A J Van Heerden Health Sciences