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Students are invited to apply for appointment in the First Year Experience Student Mentorship Program (SMP) within the Student Support Unit of CUTL for the year 2021. The purpose of this post is to assist the Unit in delivering First Year Experience mentorship program to 2021 first year students. The aim of this program is to prepare first time entering students for university life and thus improve student experience, retention and success. The SMP will be coordinated by CUTL through the office of the Student Academic
Development and Support Unit.

The primary responsibilities for a Mentor include:
• Attend all mentorship-training sessions that are offered in the year.
• Mentor and be responsible for the first year entering students (Mentees) with whom they have been paired.
• Organise at least one mentorship session a week for 30 minutes, during which they shall assist their Mentees with life-skills and provide advise about course content throughout the academic year.
• Meet each of their Mentees individually at least once in every two months to determine his/her progress, needs and challenges.
• Fully prepare for and attend all sessions that they plan for the Mentees.
• Assist their Mentees in a manner that is pleasant, firm, educational and socially/emotionally beneficial.
• Maintain confidentiality in respect of their Mentees.
• Submit monthly schedules of your sessions and all required attendance records/registers, weekly session reports and observation forms.

Minimum Requirements
• A minimum of 60% average in the previous year (2020 academic year) of study
• Must have successfully completed 1st year of study

For more details, please follow the link below: