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Students are invited to apply for appointment in the residence mentorship program (RMP) within the Student Support Unit of CUTL for the year 2021. The purpose of this post is to assist the Unit in delivering mentorship to senior students (2nd year and above) at SMU residences. Residence mentorship will be coordinated by CUTL through the office of the Student Academic Development and Support.

The primary responsibilities for a Mentor include:

  1. Attend ALL SMP training sessions
  2. Schedule and conduct structured mentorship sessions at least once per week (a total of 4 sessions a month)
  3. Provide regular feedback through sessions reports to CUTL

A central part of your responsibility as a Mentor is to integrate study and life skills with the course content. As someone who has performed well in their modules, you have proven that you have the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes to mentor your colleagues in these specific modules. As a Mentor you will need to reflect on your success and share your experience with the mentee’s assigned to you. You will also need to guide your Mentees with regards to their social choices and assist them where necessary with the relevant life-skills. In your role as a Mentor, you will be involved with different constituencies, including the CUTL, Mentor Coordinators, and your Mentees. It will be important to focus on building relationships with each of these role players in the RMP and the skills gained from these relationships will prove to be valuable to you in your future endeavours.

Minimum Requirements
 A minimum of 60% average in the previous year (2020 academic year) of study
 Must have successfully completed 2nd year of study

The following students WILL NOT be considered for the position:
 Students repeating a module/course in 2021 academic year.
 Students employed in other positions within the university (e.g., Student advisors or tutors).

Knowledge skills, competencies and values that will be required
 Demonstrate the ability to lead a team
 Motivation skills and positive attitude
 Assertiveness
 Willingness to share knowledge and skills
 Act as a positive role model as well as taking an interest in the mentoring relationship.
 Good interpersonal and communication skills (listening, speaking and writing)
 Experience in the use of Blackboard

Applications closes: 30th April 2021 – NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED
If you would like to apply for this position, please use the link below:
(Please copy and paste the link on your browser to access the online application form)
Please note for any enquiries regarding this post, please email: