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Preparations for the 2021 registration of returning and first time entering students have been concluded. Preparations were undertaken by a multi-disciplinary Task Team that was coordinated by Office of the Registrar. The Task Team is made up of representatives from the five Schools, ICT, IPD, Finance Department (including Financial Aid Office), Residences, Institutional Support, Marketing Department, International Office, SRC and Safety & Security Office.


The table below shows registration dates according to different Schools and levels of study

Table 2: A summary of important registration dates:

School of Medicine29 January 2021MBCHB VI students have already registered
19-21February 2021MBChB V students
26 February 2021MBChB II, III and IV students
All Schools15 -19 March 2021Registration period for all other eligible returning

undergraduate students in all five schools.

All Schools19 March 2021Registration for all returning undergraduate and

postgraduate students ends.

All Schools23 March 2021Registration for all returning students who sat for

supplementary examinations


  1. Registration will be online and students can register on campus or off campus anytime during the day or at night.
  2. Students are expected to use their own gadgets (laptops or smart cellular phones) to register.
  3. Students can use the self-help portal (iEnabler) on the website to check if they have academic and/or financial blocks.
  4. The lifting of academic and/or financial blocks (where applicable), as well as assistance with the choice of correct modules, will be done by staff members from Enrolment Management Office, Finance Department and the five Schools during office
  5. International students will not be allowed to register before they are cleared by the International Office. The International Office can be contacted on 012 521 6001. Emails should be sent to:
  6. There will be a Call Centre to attend to enquiries and/or re-route them to the relevant Section for assistance during office hours. Students can call the following numbers for assistance: 012 521 4204/ 4319/4644/5057


  1. Students who were sponsored or received funding from either NSFAS or a Provincial Government and have performed well academically, will be financially cleared and allowed to register.
  2. Students who have not received NSFAS or Provincial Government funding during 2020 will be required to go through the financial clearance process at the Financial Aid
  3. Self-funded students who do not have outstanding fees are required to pay an initial minimum registration fee of R4 500 before they can be allowed to register.
  4. All academically deserving self-funded students who have outstanding fees are required to make arrangements with the Finance They should also complete and sign Acknowledgement of Debt Forms before they can be allowed to register.


  1. Students who have applied for University residence and were successful will be allocated their rooms after they have been successfully registered
  2. They will be required to sign all the relevant forms to be allowed into University residence.


  1. The student identity cards of students who were registered for the 2020 academic year will remain active until the end of the registration period as some of them will still be writing 2020 supplementary and special examinations.
  2. Those who have successfully completed the registration process will receive their 2021 student cards in the Sports Complex


Given the tighter timelines, and the imperative to conclude our registration season without any further delays, staff and students are encouraged to do their outmost to honour the set timelines.


(sent out electronically and therefore unsigned)