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It has come to the attention of the University Management that two Facebook messages purportedly from an ‘SMU EFFSC’ account posted on the 30th November 2019 the photograph of one of our lecturers and her family, accusing her of student victimisation and racism. While the University has taken a strong stance against student victimisation and racism no matter who the perpetrator may be, we would not condone any unlawful act such as defamation of character in any media channel. The University have channels of communication where student or staff can raise their concerns or grievance on any matter so that serious allegations of this nature could be tested.

The SMU EFFSC has denied any involvement in this unfortunate incidence and it seems like a fake account might have been used. Our ICT Department have now been tasked with investigating the origin, in particular if this originated from our students or staff on campus.

I urge all students and staff to refrain from any form of defamation of character as this would attract the highest possible disciplinary measure that the University has within its disciplinary code. In addition, the perpetrator would be liable and could be criminally charged under the South African law.

I thank you all for your continued support as we continue to build a better and tolerant SMU community.

Warmest regards,