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Important Information: Virtual SMU Graduation Ceremonies, 9 – 11 June 2021

The Executive Committee of Senate of the University, at its meeting held on Wednesday, 28 April 2021, resolved that the conferment of Degrees and awarding of Diplomas and Higher Certificates to Graduands and Diplomates who have fulfilled the requirements for their respective qualifications will take place during virtual graduation ceremonies on the dates indicated below:

  • 9 June 2021 – School of Science and Technology;
  • 10 June 2021 – School of Health Care Sciences and School of Pharmacy; and
  • 11 June 2021 – School of Oral Health Sciences and School of Medicine

It was further decided that all qualifying candidates will graduate in absentia and their diploma/degree certificates will indicate the date of conferment/award.

The Graduands/Diplomates will be able to check their graduation status on the University website from Friday, 14 May 2021.

In terms of the process, an audio-visual message of the Chancellor of the University conferring degrees and awarding diplomas and Higher Certificates, will be posted on the website on each of the days (9 – 11 June 2021). It will be followed by a congratulatory message from Office of the Vice-Chancellor. These messages will then be followed by a list of candidates (for each School and per qualification) which will be posted on the website on each of the graduation ceremony days.

Graduates who do not have outstanding fees, can collect hard copies of their certificates from Friday, 18 June 2021 in the Assessment and Certification Office, Room N007, Clinical Pathology Building. Alternatively, they can ask for electronic copies of their certificates from Monday, 14 June 2021 by emailing: or

Please Note:
1. Certificates will not be given to graduates/students who have outstanding fees.
2. Postgraduate candidates whose graduation status cannot be confirmed on the website have either:

a. Not submitted their final mini-dissertation, dissertation or thesis or supporting requirements documents before the deadline of 23 April 2021;
b. Have not had their mini-dissertation, dissertation or thesis results processed by the Postgraduate Committee (PGC) and approved by the Executive Committee of Senate by the deadline of 28 April 2021; or
c. Have not had their external assessors’ reports received by the University timely to allow for the finalisation of other subsequent assessment processes of the University.

3. As the possibility of an error in this notice cannot be excluded, the University reserves the right to effect the necessary changes and/or corrections. The error in the conferring of a degree/awarding of a diploma or Higher Certificate, or in the level of distinction achieved, does not give the candidate the right to the associated pass mark or the award/conferment of said certificate, diploma or degree.

If you have questions on any matter raised in this communique, direct them to Please note that communication should be through email because staff members are sometimes working from home.

(sent out electronically and therefore unsigned)
28 April 2021