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Library Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Electronic Resources (e-Resources)?
Electronic Resources are materials in digital format accessible electronically. e-Resources include electronic journals (e-journals), electronic books (e-books) and online databases.
How do I know which e-Resources our library subscribes to?

A list of library-subscribed e-Resources is available on the university website. Follow this link:


How do I access library e-resources?
e-Resources can be accessed on-campus and off-campus (remote access).
What is On-Campus access?
On-Campus means accessing the library e-Resources from within the university network (e.g from your office, computer labs etc.)
What is Off-Campus access?
Off-Campus means accessing the e-Resources remotely (outside campus)
How do I access e-Resources Off-Campus?

Two access methods are used for off campus access:

      • Apply for remote accessTo be able to use this option, you need to set up remote access using your institutional e-mail address.If you need assistance, you can contact the Information Services Department at the following extensions: X4642 or X3094. You can also send an email to: Duduzile Ntombela, Patrick Motiang and Pheleluca Mogashoa
      • Access via the university website

Access via the university website is available using the following links:

You will be required to enter Your Name and University ID (Student or SP Number) then click Submit.




Why can’t I access all e-Resources Off-Campus?

Certain electronic resources may only be accessed on campus due to licensing agreements with vendors and publishers.

How do I know which e-Resources are accessible Off-Campus?

Databases that are listed on the university website indicate whether they can be accessed on or off campus.

What are the advantages of having a Profile (by registering) for each library subscribed database?

You can personalize your searches, save content (from either searches or browse results), receive alerts and share information. These features may differ according to database.

Why don’t I have access to full text articles on some of the resources I have selected?

The library may not have a subscription to the resource.

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