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Staff Profile

Prof M Nchabeleng: Site principal investigator

Maphoshane is a Microbiologist by training and has headed the department of Microbiology for the past 7 years. She has a keen interest in infection control and clinical trials. Her understanding of laboratory work and the intricacies of the science of healthcare positions the Unit in a place of advantage in the implementation and monitoring of clinical trials. She has over ten years of experience in conducting clinical trials.

Dr MP Mathebula: Site sub-investigator

Matsontso contributes many years of experience in public health and community engagement. He has worked in rural settings in community facilitation and development. His understanding of participant access and retention positions MeCRU in a comfortable place to conduct large studies. As a clinician himself he is able to be hands on in the conduct of clinical trials.

MS Nontando Moeketsi: Site Project coordinator

A manager with extensive laboratory experience and finance training. She has grown in the environment of clinical trials administration and management. Her ability to run a number of functions in a site the size of MeCRU has enabled the Unit to remain accountable to sponsors and staff. Nontando is able to inspire and lead teams to achieve against odds.

Current Personnel

MeCRU employs qualified personnel based on the project requirement to make sure that the project is a success. In the course of project implementation various types of support staff are employed in a project specific position to enable the Unit to complete the project

Key Personnel

Principal Investigator (PI)

This is the person with whom the final responsibility for the Unit lies. All studies are managed by delegated PIs under the covering of the site PI.

Project Management

The Unit provides managerial support to PIs who are responsible for studies. Being in a tertiary institution with various specialists who have a clinical and teaching burden, running studies requires effective managerial support in order to be able to deliver on the studies. This service the unit provides for the benefit of the sponsors, participants and the PIs.

Socio Behavioural Scientist (SBS)

Many of the studies conducted at MeCRU have a socio-behavioural component. The Unit is able to provide the support necessary to conduct this aspect of the studies.

Medical Officers (MO)

They constitute the core staff at the Unit. By their nature clinical trials require that patients be examined and/or some medical aspect of engagement be conducted that requires a medical officer. Medical officers at MeCRU have Good clinical practice training and insurance to conduct clinical trials.

Study Coordinator (SC)

Regulatory compliance and the monitoring of studies are managed by the study coordinator(s). This roles is delegated to an experienced and competent person who also forms part of the core team at the Unit.

Quality Control Officer (QCO)

This role is one that is played by a competent officer with experience. It constitutes a critical part of the study and is closely monitored by the monitors from clinical trial monitoring organisations. This ensures that the studies produce quality data.

Community Liaison Officer (CLO)

The competence of MeCRU to mobilize and get community support constitutes a key element in the conduct of clinical trials.

Medical Laboratory Manager (MLM)

To run a certified laboratory with requirements that meet sponsor expectations and ensure accurate reporting of results and liaison with other laboratories MeCRU has as part of core staff a manager of the MeCRU laboratory.

Research Pharmacist (RP)

The MeCRU pharmacy is licenced as a pharmacy to handle both investigational product and medicines under the leadership of a pharmacist. Pharmacists are also employed as per trial requirement as project linked employees.