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As you might be aware, we had to make an emergency arrangement for food services on campus shortly after closure of the student cafeteria in September 2019. Following a recent review of the food services offered at the Marque under the emergency arrangement, it was decided that the arrangement was inadequate and financially not sustainable. We therefore did not renew the contract of the service provider.

In light of the above, the University Community is hereby informed that Bidvest has been appointed for the provision of food services on campus. The current arrangement is that food will be prepared from the mobile kitchen that is currently on site, and then will be served from the kiosk in the Student Cafeteria. The dining area in the cafeteria has been deep cleaned by the service provider and will be used as an eating area.

From the 9th of January 2020, hot meals will be provided from the mobile kitchen and served in the dining area. In addition, there will be grab and go items (wraps, sandwiches & salads). Resale items will also be available (cold drinks, crisps, bread, sweets, etc). Take-aways will also be available (chips, toasted sandwiches, pies, etc.). The full mobile solution is due to commence in the week of 20th January 2020 wherein a ‘front of house’ servery will be delivered and a temporary dining room, that will be air-conditioned, and will be placed next to the mobile kitchen for students and staff to be able to collect and eat their meals.

This arrangement will remain while we are renovating the student and staff cafeteria, which is scheduled to be completed about June 2020 since we are now redesigning the two facilities. A food hygienist certified in food safety compliance would continue to monitor the services and renovations planned.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused and we thank you for your understanding.