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From Left to right: Thandazani Ntuli, Amogelang Moroka, and Ben Matlou

Three Nursing students of Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University are participating in the annual South African Nursing Student Association (SANSA) conference that is taking place at the North West University (NWU).  The chosen three are Thandazani Ntuli (1st year), Ben Matlou (2nd year), and Amogelang Moroka (3rd year), who are class representatives. SANSA aims to uphold the status and dignity of the nurses in South Africa and to make it a reputable qualification.

The association is trying to improve on how the nursing world is perceived and coming up with solutions to the problems that the nursing students are encountering. The conference will help in uplifting their attitudes and minds.

Amogelang highlighted that students hardly engage with the community because they focus on their books (theory) more than practical work, which makes them lack in community engagement.

Ben mentioned that he will be attending this conference for the first time and that he is hoping to learn as much as he can and bring back all the knowledge he will have learned.

Thandazani is also attending for the first time, he is anxious about it but on tenterhooks to learn as much as he can.

These students mentioned that they want to see the nursing fraternity become a better place in terms of professionalism and financial issues. However, this does not affect their work and their giving back insolence.

“Gold medals are not made out of gold but of determination and hard work”, said Amogelang as we concluded our Interview.

Written By Refiloe Ndhlovu