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Psycho-Social Support Services

Psycho-Social Support Services

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Psycho-Social Support Services Protocol

Psycho-social support services would be available to SMU staff members (including joint appointees) and students

Types of services rendered
  • Screening of practitioners and students to be considered psychological services
  • Psychological first aid and crisis interventions
  • Debriefing sessions when critical incidents occur
  • Short term psychological interventions for individuals and groups
  • Those in need of ongoing long term interventions to be referred appropriately
  • Mode of delivery
  • Tele-health services would be main mode of delivery (telephone, WhatsApp or email)
  • In really special circumstances face to face interventions will be considered. Social distancing to be strictly adhered to
Roll out plan
  • HOD’s to identify staff members and refer them accordingly
  • Staff and students can also make self-referrals
  • Clients will be attended to on appointment basis unless in a case of a crisis
  • All clients will be screened by means of a psychological screening measure before allocated to a psychologist and social worker. This is to assess urgency of the case to allow for better and timeous allocation
  • All clients to sign a consent form to agree to participate in or receive help by means of telehealth service
  • Clients to make appointments with relevant psychologist and social worker by means of a call, WhatsApp and email
  • The designated psychologist will allocate available psychologists and time slot. The psychologist/social worker and client will agree on how to connect.
  • It is the responsibility of a psychologist/social worker and clients to make follow up appointments where necessary (This is short term intervention). When both psychologist/social worker and client are in agreement, sessions will be terminated
Stakeholders and Roles
  • Psychiatry Department: Provide psychiatric interventions to clients who qualify for the service
  • Student Affairs and Residences: Provide psychosocial interventions to clients
  • ICT: Provide resources that will enable telehealth services (Laptops and cell phones that has a camera feature as well as internet connectivity/data bundles)
  • Finance: Provide funds for resources needed
  • Marketing and Communication: Provide posters, sms and social media links to students and staff members about intervention services
  • Human Resources: Provide staff head counts and keep records to align employee relations
  • Centre for University Teaching & Learning (CUTL): Provide student headcount and keep records for student support services

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Contact Details

Department of Clinical Psychology

Name: Dr M. Maepa
Tel: 0125214632
Cell: 0837790058

Name: Dr M. Kganya
Cell: 0824799515

Department of Student Affairs and Residences

Name: Dr F. Nkabinde
Cell: 0727029263

Name: Mr M. Muthala
Cell: 0724612348

Name: Ms C. du Preez
Cell: 0726871898

Contacts for other referral networks for support:

COVID-19 online tool kit for mental health:

  • DBT Online Support Group:
  • SADAG Free Online Toolkit:
  • SADAG 24/7 Helpline: 0800 21 22 23/ 0800 70 80 90/ 0800 456 789
  • SADAG 24/7 Suicide Helpline: 0800 567 567
  • Lifeline South Africa 24/7: 0861 322 322