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The University will be releasing the Standard Examination Results for the 2020 academic year today in the afternoon (by 14h00), as indicated in the revised academic calendar. The results for the following Schools will be released, subject to certain conditions:

  1. School of Medicine, with the exception of MBCHB III students’ results. The Examination Commission for the MBCHB III class will meet later today, and the results will be released shortly during the course of next week. The Dean will provide details to the affected students;
  2. School of Pharmacy, with the exception of few modules that are still outstanding, to be finalized by the School early in the week. Further details will be communicated to the affected students by the School; and
  3. School of Health Care Sciences.

Furthermore, kindly note that:

  1. School of Oral Health Sciences, will only hold their Examination Commission meeting at 14h00 today (26 February 2021), and the approved results will be available with the exception of some modules that are still to be completed by the students. The results will be accessed as and when they are made available to the Registrar’s Office. Further details will be provided by the Dean.
  2. The School of Science and Technology will only be holding their Examination Commission meeting on Monday, 1 March 2021. The Dean of School will provide further details on the matter.

Notice can downloaded below: