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DVC: Research

About the DVC

A Message from the DVC: Research, Postgraduate studies & Innovation

Prof Olalekan Ayo-Yusuf

​As the only publicly-funded and a socially-engaged Health Sciences University in Southern Africa, SMU is committed to making South Africa a better place. The different directorates under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate Studies and Innovation (Research Directorate, Library and Information Service, Information Technology and Electron Microscopy Unit) all place emphasis on the promotion of research outputs and innovation at SMU. The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate Studies and Innovation (DVC: RPI) supports SMU’s mission by striving to expand and diversify SMU’s research and innovation enterprise to address real-world needs and promote partnerships between public and private sectors. The office of the DVC: RPI supports three strategic priorities: achieving research of the highest quality and integrity, supporting and developing excellent people (students and staff), and enhancing our societal impact, including stimulating economic and workforce development that transform the lives of ordinary people.

A fundamental element of the DVC: RPI mission is to support our academic staff in their efforts to attract funding sources, develop proposals, and comply with international and national prescripts for ethical research. We also prioritise facilitating collaboration across disciplines in the conduct of research, scholarship and creative activities, thus further supporting the development of our institutional research niche areas and the establishment of centres of excellence. Few problems today can be resolved through a single school or department, and so we are here to help bring distinct but complementary academic staff members together around challenges facing Gauteng and North West Provinces, and our other strategic partners, the nation and the world.