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Oral Health Sciences Latest Research Output: 2012

School of Oral Health Sciences

Accredited Journals

  1. PM Maumela and MPS Sethusa: A unilateral hybrid form of hemimandibular elongation and hemimandibular hyperplasia. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67(1): 20-24
  2. CEE Noffke, SP Ngwenya, N Nzima et al. Case Report Gigantiform cementoma in a child. Dentomaxillofacial Radiology 2012. 41: 264-266
  3. CEE Noffke, EJ Raubenheimer, D MacDonald: Fibro-osseous disease: harmornizing terminology with biology. Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology and Endodontology 2012; 114(3):388-392
  4. J Hangelbroek, EJ Raubenheimer, R Vorster, SP Ngwenya: Collagen in odontogenic tumours: Ahisstochemical-and immunohistochemical study of 19 cases. Medical Technology SA 2012; 26(1): 28-33
  5. J Codron, D Codron et al: Stable isotope series from elephant ivory reveal lifetime histories of a true dietary generalist. Proceedings of The Royal Society B 2012, 2472(1): 1- 8
  6. RJ Vorster, EJ Raubenheimer, J Hangelbroek: Expression of p63, p504s and androgen receptor status in salivary gland carcinomas: a study of 32 cases. Medical Technology SA 2012; 26(1): 18-21
  7. L Feller, B Kramer and J Lammer: Pathobiology of cancer metastasis: a short account. Cancer Cell International 2012; 12 (24): 1 – 5
  8. RAG Khammissa, L Feller, R Meyerov and J Lemmer: Peri—implant mucositis and peri-implantitis: clinical and histopathological characteristics and treatment. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67(3): 122-126
  9. L Feller and J Lemmer: New ‘second primary’ cancers. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67(4): 175-178
  10. RAG Khammissa, L Feller at al: The peri-implant soft tissue unit: a literature review. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67 (1): 26-29
  11. RAG Khammissa, L Feller at al: Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis: bacterial infection. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67 (2): 70-74
  12. Feller L, MH Motswaledi et al: Advanced oral HIV-associated Kaposi sarcoma with facial lymphoedoema as indicator of poor prognosis. South African Family Practice 2012; 54 (6): 545-547
  13. EJ Raubenheimer, CEE Noffke and HD Hendrik: Metastases to the oral cavity. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67 (10): 586 – 588
  14. WSJ Holtshousen and E Coetzee: The effect of overbooking on idle dental chair capacity in the Pretoria region of the Gauteng Oral Health Services. South African Dental Journal 2012; 67 (8): 460 – 464

Non-accredited Journals and Nonsubsidised Articles

  1. Raubenheimer EJ and Noffke CE. Peripheral odontogenic myxoma: A review of the literature and report of two cases. Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery 2012; 11(1)101-104
  2. De Oliveira-Santos, Watanabe PCA, Monteiro SAC, el al. Uso seguro da tomografia computadorizada de feixe conico: recomendacoes direcionadas a odontological brasileira. Revista Paulista de Odontologia 2012; 34(2)31-35
  3. Oberholzer TB, Makofane ME, du Preez IC and George R. European Journal of Prosthodont Rest Dent; 20: 1-6