Science and Technology Latest Research Output: 2011

School of Pathology and Pre-Clinical Sciences

Accredited Journals

  1. Iweriebor BC, Masebe T, Nwobegahay J, Mphahlele JM and Bessong PO. Impact of nucleotide polymorphisms at drug resistance sites on genetic barrier in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C resistance evolution. African Journal of Biotechnology 2011; 10(68): 15320-15326
  2. Mogale MA, Lebelo SL, Thovhogi N, de Freitas AN and Shai LJ. α-Amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory effects of Sclerocarya birrea [(A. Rich.) Hochst.] subspecies caffra (Sond) Kokwaro (Anacardiacease) stem-bark extracts. African Journal of Biotechnology 2011; 10(66):15033-15039
  3. Mogale MA, Lebelo SL, Shai LJ, Nicholaas E. Aloe arborescens aqueous gel extract alters the activities of key hepatic enzymes and blood concentration of triglycerides, glucose and insulin in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. African Journal of Biotechnology 2011; 10(20): 4242-4248
  4. Thomas PA, Marvey BB and Ebenso EE. Metathesis of Fatty Acid Ester Derivatives in 1,1-Dialkyl and 1,2,3-Trialkyl Imidazolium Type Ionic Liquids. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2011; 12: 3989-3997
  5. Darnerud PO, Aune M, Larsson L, Lignell S, Mutshatshi T, Okwonkwo J, Botha B and Agyei N. Levels of brominated flame retardents and other pesistent organic pollutants in breast milk samples from Limpopo province, South Africa. Science of The Total Environment 2011; 409: 4048-4053
  6. Nwobegahay J, Bessong P, Masebe T, Mavhandu L, Iweriebor B and Selabe S. Prevalence of drug-resistant mutations in newly diagnosed drug-naive HIV-1-infected individuals in a treatment site in the Waterberg district, Limpopo Province. South African Medical Journal 2011; 101(5): 335-337
  7. Nwobegahay J, Bessong P, Masebe T, Mavhandu L, Iweriebor B and Selabe S. Prevalence of Antiretroviral Drug Resistance Mutations and HIV-I Subtypes among Newly-diagnosed Drug-naive Persons Visiting A Voluntary Testing and Counselling Centre in Northeastern South Africa. Journal of Health Population and Nutrition 2011; 29(4): 303-309
  8. Steele AD, Madhi SA, Louw C, Bos P, Tumbo J, WerneR C, Bicer C, De vos B, Delem A and Han H. Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity of Human Rotavirus Vaccine RIX4414 in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-positive Infants in South Africa. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2011; 30(2): 1-6
  9. Woodiwiss AJ, Scott L, Maseko MJ, Majane O, Vengethasamy L, Redelinghuys M, Sareli P and Norton G. Relationship of predominantly mild current smoking to out-of-office blood pressure in a community sample in Africa. Journal of Hypertension 2011; 29: 854-862
  10. Scott L, Woodiwiss AJ, Maseko M, Veliotes D, Majane O, Paiker J, Sareli P and Norton G. Aldosterone-to-Renin Ratio and the Relationship between Urinary Salt Excretion and Blood Pressure in a Community of African Ancestry. American Journal of Hypertension 2011; 24(8):951-957
  11. Iweriebor BC, Mavhandu LG, Masebe T, Rekosh D, Hammarskjold M, Mphahlele M and Bessong P. Molecular epidemiology of HIV in two highly endemic areas of northeastern South Africa. Archives of Virology 2011.
  12. Iweriebor BC, Bessong PO, Mavhandu LG, Masebe T, Nwobegahay J, Moyo S and Mphahlele M. Genetic Analysis of the Near Full-Length Genome of an HIV Type 1 A1/C Unique Recombinant Form from Northern South Africa. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 2011, 27(8):911-915
  13. Dreyer MJ. Serum total calcium, ionised calcium and corrected total calcium concentrations in kwashiorkor and nephrotic syndrome patients. Medical Technology SA 2011; 25(2):29-32
  14. Bamford C, Bonorchis, Simpson J, Elliott E, Hoffmann R, Naicker P, Ismail N, Mbelle N and Nchabeleng M, Sriruttan C, Nana T, Wadula J, Seethram S. Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of selected bacteraemic isolates from South African public sector hopitals, 2010. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2011; 26(4)(Part II): 243-250
  15. Magano SR, Mkolo MN and Shai LJ. Repellent properties of Nicotiana tabacum and Eucalyptus globoidea against adults of Hyalomma marginatum rufipes. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011; 5(26):4508-4512
  16. Mkolo NM, Bako KB, Olowoyo JO, Ndlovu S and Magano S. Variation in the repellency effects of the leaves of Mentha piperita against adults of Amblyomma hebraeum. African Journal of Biotechnology 2011; 10(55):11426-11432
  17. Olowoyo JO, van Heerden E and Fischer JL. Comparing the concentrations of lead, zinc, copper and chromium from lichen and tree bark in Pretoria, South Africa. Trace Eements and Electrolytes 2011; 28(2): 96-100
  18. Lecatsas G. Virus electron microscopy. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2011; 26(4)(Part I): 182-183
  19. Seeletse SM. Barriers to HIV/AIDS prevention: A layman’s view. New Agenda: South African Journal of Economic and Social Policy 2011; 24-28
  20. Shail LJ, Magano SR, Lebelo SL and Mogale AM. Inhibitory effects of five medicinal plants on rat alpha-glucosidase: Comparison with their effects on yeast alpha-glucosidase. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 2011; 5(13): 2863-2867
  21. Burnett RJ, Francois G, Mphahlele MJ, Mureithi J, Africa P, Satekge M, Mokonoto M, Meheus A and Van Sprundel M. Hepatitis B vaccination coverage in healthcare workers in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Vaccine 29: 4293-4297
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Non-Accredited and nonsubsidised Journals

  1. Mkolo NM, Olowoyo JO, Sako KB, Mdakane STR, Mitonga MMA and Magano SR. Repellency and toxicity of essential oils of menthe piperita and menthe spicata on larvae and adulth of ambloyomma hebraeum (Acari: Ixodidae). Biological Science Journals 2011; 1-7
  2. Gray GE, Allen M, Moodie Z, Churchyard G, Bekker L-G, Nchabeleng M, Msilana K, de Bruyn G, Latka M, Roux S, Mathebula M, Naicker N et al.   Safety and efficacy of the HVTN 503/Phambili study of a clade-B-based HIV-1 vaccine in South Africa: a double-blind randomised, placebo-controlled test-of-concept phase 2b study. The Lancet 2011