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Science and Technology Latest Research Output: 2012

School of Pathology and Pre-Clinical Sciences

Accredited Journals

  1. AM Chauke, LJ Shai, PM Mphahlele & MA Mogale: Radical scavenging activity of selected medicinal plants from Limpopo Province of South Africa. African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine; 2012 9 (3):426-430
  2. MA Mogale et al: The effects of Clausena anisata (Wild) Hook leaf extracts of selected diabetic related metabolizing enzymes. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research; 2012 6(25): 4200-4207
  3. KC Jere, L Mlera, et al: Whole Genome Analyses of African G2, G8, G9, and G12 Rotavirus Strains Using Sequence-Independent Amplification and 454® Pyrosequencing. Journal of Medical Virology 2011; 83: 2018-2042
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  5. MD Esona, K Banyai, K Foytich et al: Genomic characterization of human rotavirus G10 strains from the African Rotavirus Network: Relationship to animal rotaviruses 2011; 11: 237-241
  6. SH Mayaphi, TM Rossouw, DP Maemoloa et al: HB/HIV co-infection: The dynamics of HBV in South African patients with AIDS. South African Medical Journal 2012; 102(3): 157-162
  7. MP Gedezha, SG Selokela, T Kyaw et al: Introduction of New Subtype and Variants of Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 4 in South Africa. Journal of Medical Virology 2012; 84: 601-607
  8. M Moyo, JO Okonkwo and NM Agyei: Recent Advances in Polymeric Materials Used as Electron Mediators and Immobilizing Materials Used as Electron Mediators and Immobilizing Matrices in Developing Enzyme Electrodes. Sensors 2012; 12: 923-953
  9. BC Iweriebor, LC Mavhandu, T Masebe et al: Molecular epidemiology of HIV in two highly endemic areas of northeastern South Africa. Archives of Virology 2012; 157:455-465
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  12. A Musyoki, K Mothapo, J Rakgole et al: Genetic Characterization of HIV Before Widespread Testing of HIV Vaccine Candidates at a Clinical Trial Site in Pretoria, South Africa. AIDS RESEARCH AND HUMAN RETROVIRUSES 2012; 28(9): 1131-1138
  13. K Mentz, M de Jongh and HF Joubert: Renal stone analysis: Patient findings and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy method validation. Medical Technology SA 2012; 26 (1): 9-12
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  15. EBE Moema, PH King and C Baker: Descriptions of strigea cercariae from the Gauteng and North West Provinces, South Africa. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 2012; 79(1): 1-8
  16. JO Olowoyo, STR Mdkane and OO Okedeyi: Assessing the levels of trace metal from two fish species harvested from treated waste water stored in a manmade lake Pretoria, South Africa. African Journal of Biotechnology 12; 11(4): 838-842
  17. J Nwobegahay, G Selabe et al: Low prevalence of transmitted genetic drug resistance in a cohort of HIV infected naïve patients entering antiretroviral treatment programs at two sites in Northern South Africa. Journal of Medical Virology 2012; 84: 1839-1843
  18. MB Matabane, MW Liebenberg, KD Monyeki: Physical growth and academic intelligence of rural South African children: Ellisras Longitudinal Growth and Health Study. African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Reaction and Dance 2012;18 (4): 912-920
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  21. C Bamford, K Bonorchis et al: Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of Escherichia coli strains isolated from urine samples in South Africa from 2007-2011. South Afr J Epidemiol Infect 2012:27(2); 46-52
  22. KC Jere, L Mlera, et al: Whole genome sequence analyses of three African bovine rotaviruses reveal that they emerged through multiple reassortment events between rotaviruses from different mammalian species. Veterinary Microbiology 2012; 159: 245 – 250
  23. SA Madhi, M Kirsten et al: Efficacy and immunogenicity of two or three dose rotavirus-vaccine regimen in South African children over two consecutive rotavirus-seasons: A randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Vaccine 2012; 30S: A44 – A51
  24. AD Steele, K Neuzil et al: Human rotavirus vaccine RotarixTM provides protection against diverse circulating rotavirus strains in African infants: a randomized controlled trial. BMC Infectious Diseases 2012;12(213): 1 – 8
  25. S Govender, K Gqunta et al: Antibiotic susceptibilities and resistance genes of Ureaplasma parvum isolated in South Africa. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2012; 67: 2821-2824
  26. JM Greeff, FA Greeff at al: Low nonpaternity rate in an old Afrikaner family. Evolution and Human Behavior 2012; 33: 268-273
  27. P Hove, J Molepo and S Dube: Genotypic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Pretoria. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology Infection 2012; 27(2): 77 – 83
  28. SM Seeletse and MW Ladzani: Social responsibility in the rural businesses of the North-West Province of South Africa: coerced or business-driven? African Journal of Business Management 6(46): 11457-11471
  29. SM Seeletse and MW Ladzani: Thriving against the odds: A success of a township building contractor. African Journal of Business Management 2012; 6(9): 3288 – 3295
  30. SM Seeletse: Common causes of small businesses failure in the townships of West Rand district municipality in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. African Journal of Business Management 2012; 6(44) 10994 – 11002
  31. SM Seeletse: Business Social Responsibility: How are SMEs doing in Gauteng, South Africa? Social Responsibility Journal 2012; 8 (1): 87-99
  32. SM Seeletse: Project cost estimation techniques used by most emerging building contractors of South Africa. Acta Structilia 2012; 19 (1): 106 – 125
  33. L Middleton and P Vosloo: Sources of new ornamental plants: the importance of heritage plants and plant relicts from historic places and old gardens. . South African Journal of Art History 2011

Conference Proceedings

  1. P Molale, Seeletse S and Twala B. Fingerprint prediction using statistical and machine learning methods. 7th International Conference on Innovative Computing Information and Control/5th International Symposium on Intelligent Informatics. 1-6
  2. P Molale, Twala B and Seeletse S. Fingerprint prediction using classifier ensembles. 53rd Annual Conference of the South African Statistical Association. 48-61