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Science and Technology Latest Research Output: 2015

School of Pathology and Pre-Clinical Sciences

Accredited Journals

  1. Sekati E, Molepo J and Nchabeleng M. Molecular characterisation and associated drug susceptibility patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from South African children.  Southern African Journal of Infectious Diseases 2015; 30(1): 11-16
  2. Musyoki AM, Rakgole JN, Selabe G and Mphahlele J. Identification and genetic characterization of unique HIV-1 A1/C recombinant strain in South Africa.  AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 2015;  31(3): 347-352
  3. Musyoki AM, Msibi TL, Motswaledi MH, et al. Active co-infection with HBV and/or HCV in South African HIV positive patients due for cancer therapy. Journal of Medical Virology 2015; 87: 213-221
  4. Musyoki AM, Msibi TL, Motswaledi MH, et al. Sustained favourable HIV viral load response in South African patients during concomitant HAART and cancer therapy. Journal of Medical Virology 2015; 87: 192-198
  5. Amponsah-Dacosta E, Lebelo RL, et al. Hepatitis B virus infection in post-vaccination South Africa: Occult HBV infection and circulating surface gene variants.  Journal of Clinical Virology 2015;  63: 12-17
  6. Middleton L. A preliminary study of South African consumers’ knowledge of and their attitudes towards using indigenous ornamentals in horticultural applications.  South African Journal of Plant and Soil 2015; 32(2): 117-119
  7. Mugivhisa LL and Olowoyo JO. An assessment of university students and staff perceptions regarding the use of human urine as a valuable soil nutrient in South Africa.  African Health Sciences 20105; 15(3):999-1010
  8. Govender MM and Nadar A. A subpressor dose of angiotensin II elevates blood pressure in a normotensive rat model by oxidative stress.  Physiological Research 2015; 64: 153-159
  9. Mogale N, van Schoor A and Bosman MC. A theoretical alternative intraosseous infusion site in severely hypovolemic children.  African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine 2015; 7(1): 1-5
  10. Middleton L. South African consumers’ seletion criteria for ornamental plants: a market perspective.  South African Journal of Plant and Soil 2015; 32(4): 253-255
  11. Olowoyo JO and Lion GN. Urban farming as a possible source of trace metals in human diets.  South African Journal of Science 2015; 112(1/2): 1-6
  12. Olowoyo JO, Mughivhisa LL and Sithole SC. Exposure to trace metals from dust samples collected from air conditioning systems and carpets from offices in a University.  Trace Elements and Electrolytes 2015; 32(4): 225-232
  13. Olowoyo JO, Mughivhisa LL and Busa NG. Trace metals in soil and plants around a cement factory in Pretoria, South Africa.  Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 2015; 24(5): 2087-2093
  14. van der Walt S, Oettle AC, Patel HRH. Surgical anatomy of the pudendal nerve and its branches in South Africans.  International Journal of Impotence Research 2015; 27: 128-132
  15. Powell EA, Gededzha MP, Rentz M, et al. Mutations associated with occult hepatitis B in HIV-positive South Africans.  Journal of Medical Virology 2015; 87(3): 388-400
  16. Chauke MA, Shai LJ, Mogale MA and Tshisikhawe MP. Medical plant use of villagers in the Mopani District, Limpopo Province, South Africa 2015; 12(3): 9-26
  17. Malebye PR, Seeletse SM and Rivera A. Merit measures and validation in employee evalution and selection 2015; 13(3): 79-91
  18. Molale PT and Seeletse SM. Improving Mathematics Learning and Teaching through Syllabus Change in a South African University Campus: ICT Leverage 2015; 11(2): 187-195
  19. Seeletse SM. Local development through ecotourism in South Africa: opportunities for botanical gardens, game reserves and national parks 2015; 6(4): 175-179
  20. Seeletse SM. Crossborder shopping in South Africa: practices in eight SADC counties 2015; 6(4): 180-191
  21. Gray B, Welgemoed D, Strotton J, Kotze A and Maule W, A comparison of animal haemoglobins using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 2015; 29(2): 31-40
  22. Summers J, Maseko RB and Summers A, The preparation of α-bis and α, ω-tetrakis aromatic oxazolyl- and carboxyl-functionalized polymers using 1,1-bis[4-(2-(4,4-dimethyl-1,3-oxazolyl))phenyl]ethylene in atom transfer radical polymerization reactions 2014; 63: 1785-1796
  23. Zatu MC, van Rooyen JM, Du Toit L, Greeff M and Schutte AE, A comparison of the cardiometabolic profile of black South Africans with suspected non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and excessive alcohol use. 2015; 49: 165-172
  24. Lebelo RL, Thys S, Benoy I, Depuydt E, Bogers JP, Bida MN and Mphahlele MJ, Laser Micro-Dissection and QPCR for Identifying Specific HPV Types Responsible for Malignancy in Penile Lesions 2015; 87: 1761-1768
  25. Lebelo RL, Bogers JJ, Thys S, Depuydt C, Benoy I, Selabe SG, Bida MN and Mphahlele MJ. Detection, Genotyping and Quantitation of Multiple HPV Infections in South African women with Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma 2015; 87: 1594-1600
  26. Burnette RJ, von Gogh LJ, Moloi MH and  Franҫois G, A profile of anti-vaccination lobbying on the South African internet, 2011-2013. 2015; 105(11): 922-926

Conference Proceedings

  1. Matshego JN, Sesale EL, Matsose T and Seeletse SM, Learner support interventions and matric pass rates in Letlhabile Locality, North-West Province of South Africa 2015; Proceeding of ICERI2015 Conference
  2. Seeletse SM and Masetshaba MT, Dynamics in the inclusive education policy implementation: Some South African cases, and the left out opportunities 2015; Proceeding of ICERI2015 Conference
  3. Masetshaba MT and Seeletse SM, Student support systems for the science studies at SMU in South Africa 2015; Proceeding of ICERI2015 Conference

Non-accredited Journals and Nonsubsidised Articles

  1. Bolukaoto JY, Monyama CM, Chukwu MO, Lekala SM, Nchabeleng M, Maloba MRB, Mavenyengwa RT, Lebelo SL, Monokoane ST, Tshepuwane C and Moyo SR, Antibiotic resistance of streptococcus agalactiae isolated from pregnant women in Garankuwa, South Africa 2015; 8(364): 1-7
  2. Seeletse SM, Value Engineering in SME trade through Socially Responsible Initiatives 2015; 4(4): 1060-1069
  3. Seeletse SM, Challenges of Senior Secondary School Orphans in the Tshwane North District, Gauteng Province, South Africa 2015; 3(12): 543-555
  4. Miyambu GR and Seeletse SM, Quantifying Business Process Optimization using Regression 2015; 12(12): 945-951
  5. Chukwu MO, Mavenyengwa RT, Monyama CM, Bolukaoto JY, Lebelo SL, Maloba MRB, Nchabeleng M and Moyo SR, Antigenic distribution of Streptococcus agalactiae isolates from pregnant women at Garankuwa hospital – South Africa 2015; 5(4): 125-133
  6. Malahleha M, Ahmed K, Deese J, Nanda K, van Damme, De Baetselier and Burnett RJ. Hepatitis B virus reactivation or reinfection in a FEM-PrEP participant: a case report 2015; 9(207): 1-5