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Science and Technology Latest Research Output: 2016

School of Pathology and Pre-Clinical Sciences

Accredited Journals

  1. Allers NJ, Hay L and van Rensburg RC. Preliminary study: Predictors for success in an important premedical subject at a South African medical school. African Journal of Health Professions Education 2016-8(1) pp 81-83
  2. Echeverri-Molina D and Govender P. Community structure and morphospecies composition of whitegrubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) attacking plantation Acacia mearnsii seedlings in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. African Entomology 2016-24(1)
  3. Echeverri-Molina D and Govender P. Pest status of whitegrub species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) attacking commercially grown Acacia mearnsii seedlings and its management implications in KwaZulu-Natal plantations, South Africa. African Entomology 2016-24(2)
  4. Motloung SV, Dejene FB, Sithole ME, Koao LF, Ntwaeaborwa, Swart HC and Motaung TE. The effects of Cd²⁺ concentation on the structure, optical and luminescence properties of MgAI₂O₄: X% Cd²⁺ (0 < X ≤ 1.75) nanophosphor prepared by sol-gel method. Journal of Electronic Materials 2016-45(10)
  5. Koao LF, Dejene FB, Swart HC, Motloung SV and Motaung TE. Characterization of annealed Eu³⁺-doped ZnO flower-like morphology synthesized by chemical bath deposition method. Optical Materials 2016-(60)
  6. Ensoli B, Nchabeleng M, Ensoli F, Tripiciano A, Bellino S, Picconi O, Sgadari C, Longo O, Tavoschi L, Joffe D, Cafaro A, Francavilla V, Moretti S, Cossut MRP, Collacchi B, Arancio A, Paniccia G, Casabianca A, Magnani M, Butto S, Levendal E, Ndimande JV, Asia B, Pillay Y, Garaci E and Monini P. HIV-Tat immunization induces cross-clade neutralizing antibodies and CD4⁺ T cell increases in antiretroviral-treated South African volunteers: a randomized II clinical trial. Retrovirology 2016-13(34)
  7. Hato MJ, Motaung TE, Motloung SV and Koao LF. The effect of boehmite alumina nanoparticles on the properties of polylactide/polypropylene blend composites. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 2016-??
  8. Motloung SV, Tsega M, Dejene FB, Swart HC, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Koao LF, Motaung TE and Hato MJ. Effect of annealing temperature on structural and optical properties of ZnAl₂O₄: 1.5%Pb²⁺ nanocrystals synthesized via sol-gel reaction. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2016-(677)
  9. Nyathi M, Sithole E and Ramafi O. Quantification of partial volume effects in planar imaging. Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2016-24(2)
  10. Koao LF, Dejene FB, Swart HC, Motloung SV, Motaung TE and Hlangothi SP. Effect of TG3+ ions on the ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by chemical bath deposition method. Advanced Materials Letters 2016-7(7)
  11. Nyaga MM, Peenze I, Potgieter CA, Seheri LM, Page NA, Yinda CK, Steele AD, Matthijnssens J, Mphahlele MJ. Complete genome analyses of the first porcine rotavirus group H identified from a South African pig does not provide evidence for recent interspecies transmission events. ‘Infection, Genetics and Evolution 2016-(38)
  12. 7Olivier MT, Muganza FM, Shai LJ and Gololo SS. In vitro antigonorrhea activity of the aerial part of asparagus suaveolens n-hexane fraction and palmitone as a bioactive compound. Natural Product Communications 2016-11(9)
  13. Khine AA and Marais AD. High prevalence of primary dyslipidaemia in black South African patients at tertiary hospital in northern Gauteng, South Africa. South African Medical Journal 2016-106(7)
  14. Ramoshaba N, Monyeki K and Hay L. Components of height and blood pressure among Ellisras rural children: Ellisras longitudinal study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2016-13(856) pp1-9
  15. van der Walt S, Oettle AC, and vanWijk FJ. The pudendal nerve and its branches in relation to richter’s procedure. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 2016-81: 275-279
  16. Shofolahan AM, Agyei AM and Okonkwo JO. Preparation, characterization and application of H₃ PO₄ activated maize tassel for remediation of eutrophic phosphorus. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 2016; 25(7): 2514-2518
  17. van Rensburg CJ, King PH and van As JG. Furcocercous cercariae shed by the freshwater snails pila occidentalis (Mousson, 1887) and biomphalaria pfeifferi (Krauss, 1848) in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. African Journal of Aquatic Science 2016; 41(2): 193-203
  18. Lekganyane MM and Seeletse SM. A new proposed statistically-derived compromise cut-off CD4 count value for HIV patients to start using ARVs. American Journal of Applied Sciences 2016; 13(7): 853-859
  19. Mbirimi-Hungwe V. Translanguaging as a strategy for group work: Summary writing as a measure for reading comprehension among university students. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies 2016; 34(3):241-249
  20. Macheka LR, Olowoyo JO, Matsela L and Khine AA. Trace metals in blood and urine of pregnant women practicing geophagia at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa. Medical Technology SA 2016; 30(1): 45-48
  21. Lion GN, Olowoyo JO and Modise TA. Trace metals bioaccumulation potentials of three indigenous grasses grown on polluted soils collected around mining areas in Pretoria, South Africa. West African Journal of Applied Ecology 2016; 24(1): 43-51
  22. ‘Agboola OO, Orji DI, Olatunji OA and Olowoyo JO. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by Moringa Oleifera in automobile workshops from three selected local governments area, Ibadan, Nigeria. West African Journal of Applied Ecology 2016; 24(1): 9-18
  23. Olowoyo JO and Lion GN. Urban farming as a possible source of trace metals in human diets. South African Journal of Science 2016; 112(1/2): 1-6
  24. ‘Mughivhisa LL and Olowoyo JO. Growth and nutritional composition of spinacia oleracea L. harvested from soil treated with urine in comparison with other organic and inorganic soil amendments. West African Journal of Applied Ecology 2016; 24(2): 19-30
  25. Seeletse SM, Ndobe TV, Dandadzi TA and Hungwe T. Crowdsourcing benefits in postgraduate project supervision: Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University statistics and computer science case study. Environmental economics 2016; 7(2): 122-128
  26. Dandadzi TA , Seeletse SM and Hungwe T. Creating an information technology and communication and knowledge-driven research in Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. Environmental economics 2016; 7(1): 38-43
  27. Mampana KM, Seeletse SM and Sithole EM. Optimized consortium formation through cluster analysis. Problems and Perspectives in Management 2016; 14(1): 117-126
  28. Gololo S, Mapfumari NS, Sethoga LS, Olivier MT, Shai LJ and Mogale MA. Identification of phytochemical constituents within the N-Hexane leaf extract of Senna italica (Mill) using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2016; 8(10): 1141-1143
  29. Gololo SS, Shai LJ, Agyei NM and Mogale MA. Effect of seasonal changes on the quantity of phytochemicals in the leaves of three medicinal plants from Limpopo province, South Africa. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy 2016; 8(9): 168-172
  30. Gololo SS, Shai LJ, Sethoga LS, Agyei NM, Bassey KE and Mogale MA. Isolation of a mixture of phytosterol compounds from the n-Hexane extract of Jatropha lagarinthoides (Sond) collected from Zebediela sub-region in Limpopo province, South Africa. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016; 9(4): 3084-3087
  31. Mhlanga CM, Mogale MA Adu A and Shai LJ. Serum AGEs in black South African patients with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa 2016; 21(3): 56-62
  32. Seabi IM, Motaung SCKM, Ssemakalu CC, Mokgotho MP, Mogale AM and Shai LJ. Effects of Cassia abbreviata Oliv. And Helinus integrifolius (Lam.) kutze on glucose uptake, Glut-4 expression and translocation in muscle (C2C12 Mouse Myoblasts) cells. International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research 2016; 8(6): 1003-1009
  33. Chauke MA, Shai LJ, Mogale MA and Mokgotho MP. Antibacterial and anti HIV 1 reverse transcriptase activity of selected medicinal plants from Phalaborwa, South Africa. Research Journal of Medicinal Plant 2016; 10(6-7): 389-395
  34. Powell EA, Boyce CL, Gededzha MP, Selabe SG, Mphahlele MJ and Blackard JT. Functional analysis of ‘a’ determinant mutations associated with occult HBV in HIV-positive South Africans. Journal of General Virology 2016; 97:1615-1624
  35. Amponsah-Dacosta E, Rakgole JN, Gededzha P, Lukhwareni A, Blackard JT, Selabe SG and Mphahlele MJ. Evidence of suscebility to lamivudine-based HAART and genetic stability of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in HIV co-infected patients: A South African longitudinal HBV whole genome study. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 2016; 43: 232-238
  36. Nyathi M and Sithlole EM. Quantification of partial volume effects in single photon emission computed tomography. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016; 16 (05): 1-10
  37. Maesela PS, Hungwe T and Seeletse SM. Mysteries of success for small and medium enterprices in Ga-Rankuwa township of Pretoria in Gauteng Province, South Africa.
  38. Matsose T and Seeletse SM. Biases from poor data analysis. American Journal of Applied Sciences 2016; 13(10): 1034-1039
  39. Seeletse and MaseTshaba MT. How South African SMEs could escape ‘the heavyweight knockouts’!. Public and municipal finance 2016; 5(2): 40-47
  40. Motshwane MM and Seeletse SM. Modelling the efficacy of antiretroviral treatment in HIV patients: Case of Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Tshwane, Gauteng Province, South Africa. American Journal of Applied Sciences 2016; 13(8): 925-931
  41. Seeletse SM and Mokgwabone KT. Effecting effective and efficient research service strategy for statistical support in Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. Environmental economics 2016; 7(2): 115-121
  42. Seeletse SM and Thabane JL. Foremost causes of high academic turnover rate at some South African universities. Environmental economics 2016; 7(2):106-114
  43. Thabane JL and Seeletse SM. Impact of University lecturers’ intervention I school math teaching. Resonance 2016; 21(5)
  44. Moloto ML and Seeletse SM. Some leading causes of emerging rural poultry SMEs failure in South Africa. Environmental economics 2016; 7(3): 23-30
  45. Seeletse SM. Performance of South African private-public partnerships. Problems and Perspectives in Management 2016; 14(2): 19-26
  46. Seeletse SM. Information and communication technology as a primary tool for Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University’s statisticsand operations research business Problems and Perspectives in Management 2016; 14(3): 115-122
  47. Seeletse SM. Adding value to satisficing decision using TOPSIS in service provider selection problems. Environmental economics 2016; 7(1): 34-: 34-39
  48. Seeletse SM. Demarketing strategy to develop perceived product reputation: applications in three distinct environments. Problems and Perspectives in Management 2016; 14(4): 115-122
  49. Nyathi M and Sithlole EM. Assessment of the performance of the siemens e-cam dual head gama camera during load shedding period. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016; 16(5): 28-32
  50. Pheeha SM and Khine AA. Evaluation of sebia’s capillarys 2 flex-piecing system in comparison with hydrasys gelsystem, in identifying low level monoclonal protein in serum and urine of patients with. Medical Technology SA 2016; 30(2): 19-25
  51. Miyambu GR and Seeletse SM. Numeric measurement of business process optimizaton BPO. Environmental economics 2016; 7(4): 18-22
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  55. Khine AA. Monitoring lecture attendance as a tool for understanding student performance. Innovative Higher Education 2016; 23(3):1-8

Non-Accredited Journals and nonsubsidised articles

  1. Lechaba NMT, Schutte PJ, Hay L, Bohmer L and Govender MM. The effects of an aqueous leaf extract of Clausena Anisata (Willd.) Hook .f.ex Beth. On blood pressure, urine output, angiotensin ll levels and cardiac parameters in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 2016;10 (28)
  2. Prigge L and Briers N. A description of the size and distal branching pattern of the dorsalis pedis artery: A cadaveric study. Anatomy Journal of Africa 2016; 5(1): 644-649
  3. Khine AA. Top 10 undergraduate medical students had not all attended lectures. Medical teacher 2016;

Faculty Research

Accredited Journals

  1. van der Merwe LJ, van Zyl GJ, Clair Gibson A St, Viljoen M, Iputo JE, Mammen M, Chitha W, Perez AM, Hartman N, Fonn S, Green-Thompson, Ayo-Yusuf OA, Botha GC, Manning D, Botha SJ, Hift R, Retief P, van Heerden BB and Volmink J
  2. Thomas PA and Marvey BB. Room temperature ionic liquids as green solvent alternatives in the metathesis of oleochemical feedstocks. Molecules 2016-21(184)
  3. Monkwe ES and Seeletse SM. Prominent challenges of fixed-term contracts for administratve and professionl employees in higher learning intitutions of Guteng Province, South Africa. Problems and Perspectives in Management 2016-14(3): 650-656
  4. Massinga ZE, Lekalakala-Mokgele E and Minnie K. Factors influencing compliance with universal precautions in operating theatres in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Occupational Health Southern Africa 2016-22(2): 2-8
  5. Mkwinda E and Lekalakala-Mokgele E. Palliative care needs in Malawi: Care received by people living with HIV. Curationis 2016-39(1): 1-8
  6. Lekalakala-Mokgele E. Exploring gender perceptions of risk of HIV infection and related behaviour among elderly men and women of Ga-Rankuwa, Gauteng Province, South Africa. SAHARA J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance 2016-13(1): 88-95
  7. Agaku IT, Singh T, Rolle I, Ayo-Yusuf O and King BA. Prevalence and determinants of scondhand smoke exposure among middle and high school students. Pediatrics 2016; 137(2): 1-9
  8. Agaku IT, Singh T, Rolle I and Ayo-Yusuf O. Exposure and response to current text-only smokeless tobacco health warnings among smokeless tobacco users aged ≥ 18 years, United States, 2012-2013. Preventive Medicine 2016; 87: 200-206
  9. Ayo-Yusuf OA, Olutola BG and Agaku IT. Permissiveness toward tobacco sponsorship undermines tobacco control support in Africa. Health Promotion International 2016; 31: 414-422
  10. Ayo-Yusuf OA, Ayo-Yusuf IJ and Matjila SA. The role of socio-economic position on satisfaction with oral health services among South African adults: a structural equation model. South African Dental Journal 2016; 71(10): 442-446
  11. Ayo-Yusuf IJ, Naidoo S and Ayo-Yusuf OA. The association between area level socio-economic position and oral health-related quality of life in the South African adult population. South African Dental Journal 2016; 71(1): 20-25
  12. Odukoya OO, Dada MR, Olubodun T, Igwilo UA, Ayo-Yusuf OA. Risk perception and correlates of tobacco use among young people outside of formal school settings in Lagos State, Nigeria. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 2016; 17: 2833-2839