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Research Equipment and Laboratory

Research Equipment and Laboratory

About Research Equipment and Laboratory

Dr C withProf C Baker, Director of the Electron Microscope Unit with Mrs M Mogale, using the Leica HPM 100 High Pressure Freezer for cryofixation of tissue samples with liquid nitrogen. This equipment was acquired by means of a grant award from the National Research Foundation in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology.




Electron Microscope Unit_Easy-Resize.comProf C Baker (Director: Electron Microscope Unit) operating the Zeiss Supra 55 VP Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for which we received a grant award of R5.6 million from the National Research Foundation in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology.  Many researchers at the University as well as external clients make use of this equipment to obtain high magnification images of their research samples.  X-Ray microanalysis and cryotechniques can also be performed using specialised attachments on this instrument.


List of EqipmentDepartment
MD-ID3Chemistry and Biochemistry
Thermal CyclerMicrobiology Pathology
Sprectrometer + Deep Freezer + Test CabinetPharmacology
QIAxcel advanced + QX Nitrogen cylinder.SMU Diarrheal Pathogens Research Unit
MD-Multiwash+. MD-Quickdrop. MD-EmaxPlusHIV and Hepatitis Research unit
PinAAcle 900 AA flame/Graphite Furnace systemBiology
R1 Automated Cell CounterHIV and Hepatitis Research unit
50ML 24 Positioner + SPB Digital Controler+Start Up KitBiology
Illumina Mini Seg SystemMicrobiology Pathology
Qubit 4 NGS Starter Box + Magnetic StandMicrobiological Pathology
Lyoquest – 55 plus FRZ dryer.Biochemistry
Chamber 215 MM for Lyoquest-50Biochemistry
Masterdose softwareMedical Physics