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3. SMUREC Forms & Guideline Documents

3.1 Application Form

3.2 Consent Forms: Please use the attached documents as template and update as
required for the specific study/ trial/ project* (delete not applicable*)

3.3 Research on Minors: Please use the attached documents as template and adapt the assent form to make it age appropriate for the specific study

  • Parental/ Guardian Informed Consent
  • Assent form for minors

3.4 Non-therapeutic research with minors

3.5 Databases and Biobanks

3.6 Case study or Case Series

3.7 Request for amendment – e.g. title, additional study site etc.

3.8 Reporting of Serious Adverse Events’s or incidents

  • Reporting of SAE’s and incidents in clinical studies/ contract research

3.9 Extension of Clearance Certificate

Progress report for Postgraduate study
Progress report Contract Research/ Clinical Study

3.10 Request to conduct a study at the Sefako Makgatho University

Site approval request form