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Statistics and Operations Research Latest Research

Departmental Publications since SMU establishment


  1. Sesale EL, MaseTshaba MT, Matsose T, Miyambu GR, Seeletse SM. Measuring three demarketing cases using statistical methods. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 5200-AJAS, 14(3 or 4): Published online on 2 March 2017.
  2. 2017 Sesale EL, Seeletse SM. Marketing fortification of business through crowdsourcing and social responsibility: Focus on South African SMEs. Environmental Economics, 8(1): 18-26.


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  1. 2016 Seeletse SM. Adding value to satisficing decisions using TOPSIS in service provider selection problems, Environmental Economics, 7(1): 34-39.
  1. MaseTshaba M, Seeletse SM. Incomplete sex-reassignment surgery and psychological functioning: A preliminary study. New Voices in Psychology, 11(2): 54-66.
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  7. Malebye WPR, Seeletse SM, Rivera MA. Merit measures and validation in employee evaluation and selection, Problems and Perspectives in Management, 13(3): 79-91.


  1. MaseTshaba MT, Seeletse SM. Modelling and measuring milestones in business process optimisation. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 12(4): 221-224.
  2. Seeletse SM. A social responsibility inventiveness to relieve Krugersdorp and Randfontein exploited household servants of mistreatment. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 12(4): 383-389.
  3. Seeletse SM. A measuring approach in bidding selection procedures for large projects, International Journal of Advances Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship, 1(3):7-16.

Book Publication


Lekganyane MM, Seeletse SM. Statistical analysis of outliers and leverage points in CD4 counts. Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-3-659-92841-3 ISBN-10: 365992841; EAN: 9783659928413.