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Chemistry is the area of science in which the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of substances are studied. To be a professional chemist, you need to study chemistry as a full time student, leading to a BSc degree after three year + BSc (Hons) for another additional year. This consists of taking chemistry as your major subject. You have to choose another major course, and for this there are many possible combinations


  • Microbiology for the food, biotechnology, and agricultural industries
  • Biochemistry for biotechnology and Medical research
  • Physics for work in material science
  • Biology for in environmental field
  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Psychology
  • Physiology
  • Mathematics or statistics

 Science and Technology Teaching Curriculum

Chemistry and one of the mathematical sciences (pure maths, applied maths, computer science) equips the chemist with the skills to do high level modeling and theoretical work, exploited in many fields including drug design and environmental impact assessments.

First year of the BSc :  Take:

- Chemistry I (Major)

- Maths I (preferably at major level)

- Your second or intended second major course

- Other course taken from the pool is strongly recommended

POOL: (Physics, Computer Science, Biophysics, Biology, Psychology, Applied Maths, Information Tech, etc.)

Second year BSc:

- Chemistry II
- Your second major (Biochemistry II, Microbiology II, physics II, etc)
- Another course (Mathematics II and/or biotechnology II is strongly recommended

Third year BSc:

- Chemistry III
- Your second major (Biochemistry III, Microbiology III, Physics III, etc)

Fourth year:

- BSc (Hons) in Chemistry.  This consists of course work and research project/s

If you wish to pursue a research career you need a higher degree, the MSc or preferably PhD degree. You can approach the department for advice.

Postgraduate  Opportunities

Coming soon.

Department’s outreach/or Public engagement

Department’s Outreach /Public Engagement with Science

Contact: Mrs Seseng F