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Nelson Mandela, the founding father of the democratic South Africa, would have turned 100 years old, on Wednesday 2018, had he been alive, today. To celebrate his centenary, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to preserve his legacy, issued a clarion call to all humanity to embrace the virtues of becoming Mandela’s legacy.

The SMU Community, as always, is rising to the challenge to become the legacy of Nelson Mandela. The community identified two poor family members of the Ga-Rankuwa community to benefit from the 67 minutes community service that they will be rendering.

The beneficiaries are the old pensioners who live alone and their houses need refurbishment to make them habitable and their yards would do well with cleaning as they have overgrown with grass and weeds.

Working in groups, the volunteers, who are students and staff will use the 20 litre paint and brushes that have been donated, to paint the one room which needs painting. They will also bring their own spades and other gardening implements to clean the yard. The cleaning department has donated refuse bags to carry the refuse, trucks will carry the refuse to dumping site. The food donations will also be handed to the needy families. The other work group will remain on the campus of SMU to clean up the campus.

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