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IMG_0852The Discovery Limited’s Black Economic Empowerment transaction was set up in 2006 as an independent trust, with an investment of R150 million in grants that were geared towards the education and training of 300 healthcare specialists over a period of 10 years. This was motivated by the critical shortage of human health care resources in South Africa.

The grants disbursed through the Discovery Foundation Awards aimed to address this challenge through training specialists for rural areas, developing academic medicine and research centres and increasing the number of sub-specialists in the country, to adequately meet the country’s healthcare needs.

At the recently concluded Discovery Foundation Awards night held at Bakubung Bush Lodge, North West province, the department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care received the following awards:

Discovery Foundation Awards for healthcare in rural and underserved areas (Individual awards):

IMG_0869These awards support the training and development of specialists for rural and underserved areas, and for senior doctors practicing in these areas. Of the five awards in this category, SMU received four (all in the department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care) and the recipients were:

  1. Dr. K Nashed (female registrar)
  2. Dr. M Venter (female registrar)
  3. Dr. C Steyn (female registrar)
  4. Dr. E Okafor (male registrar)


Discovery Foundation Awards for healthcare in rural and underserved areas (Institutional awards):

The Institutional Awards aim to help improve the quality and delivery of healthcare through support for capacity building. In 2017, two institutions received this award, of which SMU Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Department was one of the recipients.

This is not the first time SMU Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Department benefited from the Discovery Foundation Awards.

SMU Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Department is to be commended for putting the university on the map regarding these rural awards sponsored by Discovery Foundation.