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Professor L Ayo-Yusuf

Holiday greetings from the office of the Acting Vice Chancellor.

We have come to the end of the academic year 2019 and I am certain that many will agree that it has not been an easy year for SMU. The prolonged strike earlier threatened to derail our effort to conclude the year and affected operations of the University.

On behalf of the management of the University, I want to thank the entire SMU community for working together tirelessly to save the 2019 academic year. The recovery plans that were implemented by the leaders of the schools, their staff working together with students have given us great results. Our collective efforts have demonstrated that if we work together, nothing is insurmountable.

I am particularly pleased to see that many of our students from the various schools have now taken their oaths and are ready to serve our communities. To all of you I say, go out and represent SMU and make us proud.

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