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SMU receives much needed donation from Sanlam in the form of Personal Protective Equipment

In accepting the donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)s from SANLAM, Prof Peter Mbati, SMU’s Vice-Chancellor highlighted that the donation would go a long way to minimise the risks of student exposure to COVID 19 during their clinical commitments.

“The COVID 19 pandemic has brought to the institutions of higher learning very unique challenges. It has forced us to rethink the way we do many things. It has had an impact on how we use resources. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)s have become a major challenge to SMU.” said Prof Mbati.

SMU trains health professionals who are in many ways working in the frontline of the war against COVID 19. No effort should be spared to make sure that these students are protected so that they complete their training. The donation will go a long way to ensure that they graduate and proceed to heal the sick in the health care industry.

Prof Mbati expressed his gratitude that the PPE’s were handed over at the time when students communicated their concern that the university should have done better to provide more PPE’s to protect the students against exposure to COVID 19.

“The fact that SANLAM has risen to the challenge to support SMU with PPE’s, is something we are very grateful about” said Prof Peter Mbati.

Mr Tendani Matshisevhe, Head, Group market Development, in handing over the donation, pointed out that the donation signals the level of confidence SANLAM has in the future health professionals that the university is producing. South Africa’s economy needs healthy people. The students must graduate in good health for them to go on to create their own private practices.  SANLAM will thrive if the economy is doing well.

“Medical students are in the frontline against COVID 19 and they need our assistance. Our involvement is that we are looking at the relationship with the future in mind. These students are the future that we must look after. SMU is very important to us and we will keep on supporting it as a good partnership means being together in good, and in bad times”, said Matshisevhe.

SANLAM donated the following PPE’s:

  1. 2000 N95 face masks
  2. 1000 protective gowns
  3. 300 face screens
  4. 300 Aprons

The total value of all these PPE’s is R80 000.

Prof Mbati also expressed the wish to see SANLAM contributing much more than the donation of the PPE’s. Matshisevhe also articulated his wish to take the relationship to a higher level.

By Maditsi Matlala