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2021 SMU Virtual Graduation Ceremonies, 09 – 11 June 2021

What is a virtual graduation ceremony?
It is an official graduation ceremony of the University which will take place online (in the absence of graduates themselves) to enable the qualifying candidates to formally graduate so that they can get their certificates and get on with their lives.
Why does the University not wait for COVID-19 to subside for normal graduation ceremonies to be arranged?

The University has decided to proceed with the graduation ceremonies virtually to allow qualifying candidates to submit their qualification certificates to their prospective or current employers and to apply for studies at other institutions both in South Africa and abroad. The University is also required to report to the Department of Higher Education and Training on the number of graduates it has produced in the 2020/2021 reporting cycle.

When will these ceremonies be held?

The graduation ceremonies will be held virtually on the dates indicated below:

9 June 2021: School of Science and Technology
10 June 2021: School of Health Care Sciences and School of Pharmacy
11 June 2021: School of Oral Health Sciences and School of Medicine

More on 2021 SMU Virtual Graduation Ceremonies
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