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The last few days have seen a protest action jointly led by organised labour and students, which led to the suspension of the operations and academic activities of the University since 29 July 2019. The decision was taken by Management in the interest of safety and security of staff and students as the entrances of the University were barricaded by the protesters.

On the same day (29 July 2019), the Council held an emergency meeting and deliberated on the resolutions of a joint meeting of staff and students. There were two sets of resolutions in the document presented to the Council, (i) those that were squarely within the domain of the Council to decide upon and (ii) those that were in the domain of Management. The Council issued a statement to this effect communicating its decisions to the University community and also indicated its preparedness to give detailed feedback to the representatives of the protesters at a meeting on 30 July 2019. The offer was rejected on the basis that the Council delegation, and the Chair of the Council in particular should address the entire membership of the joint meeting of protesters, and not just their representatives. A stalemate was reached and the meeting did not take place as envisaged.

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