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DJs and Shows

Monday to Friday

Neo RabajiNeo Rabaji – Sunrise Breakfast 06:00-09:00

  • Stage name: Neo Rabaji
  • Qualifications obtained: Journalism
  • Current studies: DJ studies (Fuse Academy)
  • Message to SMU FM listeners: Stay Awake


Isaac Percy MabasaIsaac Percy Mabasa – Sunrise Breakfast 06:00-09:00

  • Nick name: Percy Sleash SA
  • Qualification obtained: IT Diploma
  • Message to SMU FM listeners: Broken crayons are still colours, pursue your dream & believe in it & remember perseverance is the mother to success.
Presenter Time Program/Slot
Itumeleng Motuba 09:00-12:00 The future
Nthabiseng Kgobane

Nthabiseng Kgobane

12:00-15:00 Wave Change

Kiletsi DikobeName: Kiletsi Dikobe – Wave Change 12:00-15:00

  • Nickname: Deekay Wa Lehaslara
  • Current Studies: Career Practitioner & Radio Broadcasting
  • Message to Listeners: SMU FM is striving to be the best local campus / community radio station and with your participation. I believe we can achieve our goals. Keep on listening and also inform other people to tune in because you are the ambassadors of SMU FM.

 Vukosi Vee-Jay MasheleName: Vukosi Mashele – Afternoon Drive 15:00-18:00

  • Name: Vukosi “Vee-Jay”  Mashele
  • Nickname: King Vee
  • Qualification: BSc ( Physics and Statistics) final year student
  • Message to Listeners: Listeners are bound to be pumped to turn their dreams into a reality.

Mashadi ModiseMashadi Modise – Afternoon Drive 15:00-18:00

  • Name: Mashadi Christinah Modise
  • Nickname: Miss MCM. Qualification Obtained: Public Relations
  • My message to Listeners:  I take it as my mission to continue serving you with nothing but the ultimate entertainment you deserve and you must continue reigning supreme. Love Queen.

Jonathan KotuJonathan Kotu – Kgangkgolo 18:00-19:00 

  • Name: Jonathan Kotu,
  • Nick name: JRK
  • Qualification obtained: Education diploma


Thando MashininiThando Mashinini – Health Con 19:00-19:30

  • Nickname: Mthindos aka The Messenger
  • Qualification being pursued: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • Message to SMU FM listeners: Stick to your definition of yourself, never losing faith in your grind, the grind that God had and still has faith in.

Realeboga SebitsoRealeboga Sebitso – Youth Talk 19:00-19:30

  •  Nickname: Blagnificent
  • Qualifications obtained: MBChB VI
  • “The Conservative Must Also Be Part of the Conversation”


  • Nathaniel Ike Baloyi Nako Le Motho 19:00-19:30
  • Nickname: “I.K.E Behind The Mic”
  • Qualifications obtained: LLB degree
  • Communications Diploma
  • Message to the SMU FM Listeners : “Lets get informed”

Peter TladiPeter Tladi – Going back to the roots 19:00-19:30





Musiiwa NethwengweMusiiwa Nethwengwe – Women Con 19:00-19:30

  • Name: Musiiwa Icy Nethengwe
  • Nickname: IcyaQua.
  • Qualification being pursued: Bachelor of Science
  • Message to SMU FM listeners: Don’t look down upon yourself because you can be anything you want to be just believe and work hard.

Walter TsatsiWalter Tsatsi – Lentswe La Thuto 20:00-21:00




Goitsemang Motsepe – Love Moods 21:00-00:00

Brian Manchidi – Love Moods 21:00-00:00

  • Nickname: Stan
  • Current Studies: Electrical Engineering
  • Message to Listeners: Greatness is a lot of small things done well.

Kwapeng MadihlabaKwapeng Madihlaba – Nigh Express 00:00-03:00

  • Qualifications Obtained: BSc (Physical & Mineral Science)
  • Current Studies: Honours (Physics)
  • Message to Listeners: Prepare for nothing but the best of infotainment, take a ride on the night express.

Siphelele LungaSiphelele Lunga – Saturday Special Sensantion 06:00-09:00

  • Qualifications Obtained: BSc Human Molecular Biology, Honours Haematological Pathology,
  • Currently: MBChB 2

Message to SMU Listeners: What you put in is what you get out. Always work hard, never give up and always look good while doing it.

MusIiwa Nethengwe – SMU FM MVP TOP 30 09:00-12:00

Trevor ThibediTrevor Thibedi – Rwewind (Tsa Maloba) 12:00-14:00

  • Full Names : Seitlhamo Trevor Thibedi
  • Nick Name : Luv Guru
  • Current Studies : Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Qualifications : Radio Production and Presenting

Message to Listeners “The World Spins around, hold on tight, don’t fall with the Tide of the Spin”


Solomon Bila – What’s Up Saturday 14:00-17:00

Thabang ConsolationThabang Consolation Ramokhoase – Sports Update 17:00-18:00

  • Nickname:  T.C
  •  Qualification Obtained: BSc (Life Sciences)
  •  Current Studies: BSc Physiotherapy 1
  •  “I am a sports maniac, a sports addict, a sports freak, a sports lover, a sports fan, and a sports person if will… and I believe with a little help I can make you a sports lover too.”

Marvin MalakaMarvin Malaka – Sports Update 17:18:00

  • Full Names: Marvin Malaka
  • Nickname: Triple M
  •  Qualifications Obtained: Certificate in Computer Engineering & National Diploma: Media Studies
  •  Current Studies: BTech: Journalism

Message to Listeners: Through this kind of activities and more initiatives his personal brand will help SMU FM to leverage from his influence and solid personality to service and care for people.

Hampfrey SekgobelaHampfrey Sekgobela – SMU MVP Top 40 18:00-21:00





Odirile RabolaoOdirile Rabolao – Turn Up Satur Nights 21:00-00:00

Message to Listeners: The show is one hell of an adventurous ride, and trust me, you always want to go on it.





Sandile ButheleziSandile Buthelezi – Heat Urban Beats 00:00-03:00





Itumeleng PitsengItumeleng Pitseng – Pump Up My Friday Pt 2     23:00-02:00

Message to the listeners : “Only once you have carried your own water will you learn the value of every drop”




Lerato MalakoaneName: Lerato Malakoane – Pump Up My Friday 20:00-23:00

  •  Current Studies: MBCHB VI
  • Message to listeners: “It’s more than just radio it’s a WHOLE new lifestyle!”


Frans Modise Name: Frans Modise – Latshipi   18:00-21:00





Khumoetsile LeetoKhumoetsile Leeto – Mororiseng 09:00-12:00 

  • Name: Khumoetsile Innocentia Leeto
  • Nickname: “Tshidi”
  • Qualifications : Bachelor of Science Honours Degree (Psychology) –
  • Currently studies: Bsc Physiotherapy
  • Message to the SMU FM Listeners :
  • Thank you for your love and support. They are greatly appreciated. My message to you all is that: Opportunity dances with those who are ready on the dance floor.
  • Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is. It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done and lastly remember God’s delay is not God’s denial.


Katlego MaboteKatlego Mabote – Events of the week 12:00-13:00




Presenter Time Program/Slot
Name: Tebogo Segone 13:00-16:00 Sunday Breeze
Phillip Motsepe 16:00-18:00 JFB on Sunday
Khumo Sematle 16:00-18:00 JFB on Sunday
Peter Tladi 19:00-21:00 Ditumelo

Thomas MalulekaThomas Maluleka – Curfew Pt1 21:00-00:00





Isaac BaloyiIsaac Baloyi – Curfew Pt2 00:00-03:00




Presenter Time Program/Slot
Coretta Letswalo 03:00-06:00 The Dawn

Coretta LetswaloGeorge Mahlangu  –  Daily Sports Update  10:00-15:00

  • Nickname: Ya Phethoga Rathoga
  • Qualification obtained: Radio and TV production
  • Message to Listeners: Radio is the theatre of the mind. Stick on it.