Student Life and Governance


Student Life and Governance: (Nothing about students without students! )

Student Life and Governance is responsible for Coordination of student life and events and supporting student governance structures such as the SRC, the Student Housing Committees, Faculty Representatives, Sport Council and Student Societies.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide leadership training for all student governance structures;
  • To provide leadership training opportunities to students with leadership potential;
  • To create opportunities for students to have meaningful and relevant growth experience as they participate in co-curricula activities (clubs and societies);
  • To build capacity in elected student leaders in terms of their representation, planning and management of student affairs;
  • To be continuously involved in professional development activities to promote self-development and the development of expertise in the field of student leadership, governance and co-curricula activities.

Core Competencies

  • Leadership Training and Development;
  • Student Life and Events;
  • SRC Induction and Workshops;
  • Clubs and Societies Leadership Development

Staff Members

  1. Mr. A.L Masetla
    Student Development Practitioner
    Tel: (012) 521-5836
  2. Ms. R.G Mogase
    SRC Administrator
    Tel: (012) 521-5835