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Registration Guidelines: Finance Issues


University Council met on November 2019 to finalize 2020 registration dates and confirmed the following:

  • The university will reopen on the 6th of January 2020.
  • Registration for returning students will start on the 7th of January 2020.
  • First year registration will start on the 22nd of January to the 24th of January 2020.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy first year students will be registering on the 15th to 16th  of January 2020.

In summary registration will start on the 7th to the 31st of January 2020.

Registration Guidelines – Finance perspectives 2020 Final
2020 Fees Details


  • The document guides colleagues on the basic principles and practices during registration process. The document has been informed by past practices during registration and will be used as reference point in future.
  • The guiding principle is guiding against financial exclusion of some of the students especially those who cannot genuinely afford, whilst also strengthening internal controls by minimizing discretion amongst SMU staff involved in the registration process. The SMU also seeks to improve its liquidity by reducing credit / default risk.





  • Every student who has been granted space or accepted to study at the University for the first time as a first year entering or a continuing student will be expected to pay registration fees of R4500
  • Students who have received bursaries as evidenced by confirmation letters from either NSFAS or Public Sector sponsors or listed verified sponsors are ordinarily not expected to pay registration fees, hence unblocked automatically;
  • Any other special case, as determined by officials should be directed/handled by the CFO or delegate.


All international students must settle and  pay their fees in full upon registration.




  • All students who are bursary holders, who are promoted to the next study level and do not owe the University will be expected to produce a letter from the sponsor confirming sponsorship for 2020 academic year;
  • Students who are not owing will be automatically unblocked for registration;
  • Students who are promoted but owe a certain amount will be subjected to the threshold as determined below.
  • All students owing must sign Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) forms.


  • These are students who are self-funded i.e. not on listed verified sponsors or NSFAS;
  • Students who are without a bursary will be expected to pay for registration as stated above;
  • Students will also be expected to complete an acknowledgement of debt form. A payment plan would have to be agreed thereafter on the basis of this form. See attached;
  • All students owing must sign Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) forms.



  • Where outstanding amounts are R10, 000 or less, the University will ask for the entire balance to be cleared before registration, between R10, 001 and R40, 000; the student is expected to pay the first R10, 000 and half (50%) of the balance, as well as make good on the registration fees;
  • Where between R40, 001 and R130, 000 is owing, a minimum of R25, 000 is expected, plus the necessary registration fees. An acknowledgement of debt must be signed for the balance.
  • Student debts in excess of R130, 000 are few, but will be blocked. Such matters should be escalated to the CFO for individual assessments.


The fee increase for 2020 Academic year as approved by DHET will be 5.4% and 7.4% on Tuition and Accommodation respectively.

The table below shall be used as guideline for students with debt due to the University

Scales/ Thresholds (examples)
0 – R 10 000,00 Students are expected to pay the amount owed plus registration fee
  R 10 000,00 + R 4 500,00 = R 14 500,00
R 10 000,00 – R 40 000,00 These students are expected to pay as follows (NB where R40 000 is owing)
  R 10 000,00 + ((R 40 000,00 – R 10 000,00) X 50%) + Registration
  R29 500,00
R 40 000,00 – R 130 000,00 These students are expected to pay as follows:
  R 25 000 + registration fees (R 4 500)
  These students will be expected to complete a payment agreement plan
R 130 000,00 – above These students will be blocked and will be dealt with on an individual basis




A first year student qualifies to receive a merit bursary if he/she is studying towards the first degree for the first time after Grade 12. An average mark of 80% or higher in Grade 12 final examination is needed to qualify for the bursary. The average is calculated by adding the percentages of the six best subjects (excluding Life Orientation) and divide by six.

These bursaries do not apply to students who are in receipt of any other scholarship or bursary which covers the full amount that the student qualified for.  If a student qualified for the full tuition fees and receives a bursary that does not cover the full cost of study, the tuition fee shall be limited to the difference between the full tuition payable and the bursary received by the student. Qualifying students are not required to complete the application form.


To facilitate maximum postgraduate enrollment, students may receive a tuition fee bursary from the University. Students will still be responsible to pay registration fees of R3000, residence fees and all other expenses. No refund is allowed on University postgraduate tuition fee bursaries, any credit arising from this bursary shall be transferred back to the University without the student consent. In line with the Financial Aid Committee resolutions, the bursaries are applicable where the student is not a beneficiary of another bursary or sponsorship.

Students to note the following criteria applicable to the University postgraduate tuition fee bursaries for 2020:

  • Students who receive external bursaries (NRF, MRC, PRF, etc.) do not qualify for a postgraduate tuition fee bursary from the University.
  • A student who qualifies for the full postgraduate tuition fee bursary and receives a bursary that does not cover the full cost of study, the postgraduate tuition fee bursary shall be limited to the difference between the full tuition payable and the bursary received by the student.
  • Eligible students who fail to successfully complete their studies within the stipulated period, do not qualify for the postgraduate tuition fee bursary from the University.



To encourage prompt payment of tuition fees, the University offers a discount of 5% where all applicable fees are paid in full by 31 May 2020.