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Marketing and Communication

About Marketing and Communication Services

Marketing and Communication Mission and Vision


The mission of marketing and communication is to assist and support the University benchmark by providing holistic health sciences education that meets the health needs of the Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni, Media, Investors and community in general; through marketing and communication strategies. In ensuring that knowledge for quality health services is achieved, the Marketing and communication will coordinate all internal and external marketing, brand management, advertising, events, exhibitions, media liaison, publications and social media for the university.


  • Building connections between the university and its constituents;
  • Enhancing the image, reputation and visibility of the university;
  • Fostering public awareness, understanding, trust, and appreciation of the university, its people and programs;
  • Instilling pride, preference and ownership of the university; and inspiring support (including involvement, advocacy and financial support).


To attain its Vision, the staff of SMU Marketing and Communication commits to:

  • Social accountability
  • Duty of care
  • Non-discrimination
  • Greening the environment

Key Areas

  • Advertising
  • Media Relations
  • SMU Fm 97.1
  • Branding and Graphic design (Corporate Identity)
  • Website
  • Student Recruitment
  • Events
  • Alumni

Marketing and Communication Contact Details

Department Secretary
Ms Gerda Meyer


Clinical Pathology Building, 5th Floor, Office S526



(012) 521 4060/4563 or fax: (012) 521 4418