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School of Pharmacy Certificates Programmes

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Certificates Programmes


In terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act as amended, Health Care Professionals who wish to dispense medicines at their practices or clinics are required to apply for a license from the Department of Health authorizing them to do so. One of the requirements for obtaining a license is the successful completion of a South African Pharmacy Council accredited dispensing course. The dispensing Course is for doctors and registered nurses. There is no closing date for applications; prospective candidates can choose a convenient starting date for them. For more details on the course, follow this link Dispensing Course

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The HCert (Vaccinology) is designed to equip healthcare workers (HCWs) with the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise necessary for running an up-to-date clinic offering vaccination services. The HCert (Vaccinology) introduces students to key concepts in vaccinology, and at the end of the programme students will be knowledgeable about vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs), vaccines, vaccination and immunisation, and will be able to apply this knowledge in the practice of vaccine delivery and administration within the framework of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation of South Africa (EPI-SA). For more details on the Certificate, follow this link New qualification: HCert (Vaccinology)

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National Certificate: Pharmacist Assistance

Pharmacist’s Assistants course (Learner Basic) for Institutional/Hospital, Community and Distribution/Wholesale Pharmacy

The purpose of the Certificate qualification is to equip you to understand and acquaint yourself with the underlying principles of all the major areas related to the pharmaceutical environment. It will provide you with grounding in the relevant legislative and ethical requirements, as well as the basic technical skills required in this field. This qualification will also assist in skilling Pharmacist Assistants to support the pharmacist in providing a pharmaceutical service. For more details, please follow this link: Pharmacist Assistant Courses

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