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Oral Health Sciences

About School of Oral Care Science

In 1975, the then Department of Health and Welfare, having recognised the need for dental therapists, decided to make facilities for their training available at the Ga Rankuwa Hospital. During 1980 the first Dean of the Faculty, Prof L T Tariaard was appointed on a part time basis

The building of the dental’ complex started in 1984. The hospital accommodates all the required clinical facilities and was officially inaugurated towards the end of 1987

234 Dental surgeries are available in the hospital for clinical utilisation and a full spectrum of service laboratories is housed in the complex. The hospital, with its own three surgical theatres, is equipped to treat approximately 600 patients per day

In July 1989 control of the hospital was transferred from the Department of National Health and Population Development to the then Transvaal Provincial Administration and subsequently to the Gauteng Provincial Government.