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SMU Alumni Bursary Fund

Motto: “Knowledge for Quality Health Services

We know from experience that education transforms, exalts, empowers; we know this from the collective wisdom of humankind through the ages.

Can We Make a Difference? Here’s how you can help SMU to offer knowledge for quality Health Services to its constituents.

Currently in South Africa, there are more and more students in need of financial aid at Tertiary Institutions like Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, and the available funds from the government are becoming nervy. However the “Fees Must Fall” protests resulted in making the government, parents and all other stakeholders aware of the challenges faced by the students to complete their studies successfully.

We experience the need every day here at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University:

  • Students who spends hours on campus without proper meal/food (breakfast or lunch);
  • Students that are accommodated in SMU residences without toiletry or sanitary towels;
  • Students that spends many hours on the road using public transport to the university each day;
  • Students spending many hours making copies in the library, because they cannot afford the textbooks.These are some of the few challenges that the students are facing at SMU. Many students will benefit from your gift to the University.
  • Your donation and support, no matter how small can change a life on many students at SMU. You can assist students acquire quality health sciences knowledge education at Sefako Makgatho University.
  • A gift of any size to the SMU Bursary Fund goes directly to support students. Your gift is a vote of confidence that demonstrates your belief in the work that we do and the students who now study here. And you get a tax certificate to offset your donation against your tax.
  • No matter how big or small, your participation is what matters!
  • You can make a donation by cheque, a direct deposit, credit card, debit order, via electronic transfer (EFT) or online.

Please send confirmation of your donation to Gerda Meyer at email or fax 012 521 4418


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