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School of Health Care Sciences Postgraduate Programmes

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Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma Public Health (PPH01)

Admission Requirements
The minimum admission requirement is a bachelor’s degree, in health, education or social sciences, two years of work experience, fluency in written/spoken English language, computer-competence and internet skills. The programme is aimed at people who would like to make an impact in their communities and institutions regarding various public health issues.

Registration and Renewal of Registration
(i) Full attendance of Summer and Winter Schools is compulsory. Students who fail to attend the compulsory Summer and Winter School sessions will not be allowed to register and take courses in the applicable semester. In special circumstances consideration will be given as approved by the Dean
(ii) The renewal of registration is dependent on satisfactory academic progress. A student may be refused renewal of registration if:
(a) At the end of the first year has not passed at least 3 of the required 6 modules of the qualification
(b) At the end of the second year has not completed all required modules of the qualification.

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