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School of Pharmacy Undergraduate Programmes

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Undergraduate Programmes



Selection Process
Successful applicants will be admitted into first year level. The BPharm Selection Committee will screen all candidates who comply with the selection requirements and the successful candidates will be informed of the outcome of the selection process by the Enrolment office.

General information for registration with the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC):
All students admitted to the first year of study must register with the SAPC before 31 March of the relevant year. Please contact the School of Pharmacy for further information.

After qualification, graduates must undertake a one-year period of internship, during which they must satisfactorily complete a pre-registration examination for entry-level pharmacists. They are then required to complete one year in the recognized sector (often a public sector) as a community service pharmacist, before proceeding to full registration as a pharmacist.

Note: These rules must comply with the proposed regulations of the SA Pharmacy Council as promulgated in terms of the Pharmacy Act, as amended.

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