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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University Student Affairs webpage. Thank you for affording our university the opportunity to contribute to your personal, social and career development through our array of academic and support programs that are on offer on our University. We recognize the fact that it may be your first experience of university life hence we advise you to give your studies first priority. By participating in the myriad activities and programs organized under the auspices of departments within Student Affairs, you will no doubt find your university experience rewarding and enriching. These activities enhance your life at university and also give you the rare opportunity of interacting with friends and peers even outside the academic environment. In this way, you will be better prepared for the life challenges. Make sure that you are conversant with the many academic and non-academic policies, rules, codes and regulations that govern your stay on campus. Don’t wait until you probably find yourself on the wrong side of the rules at the institution. Start very early to know how student behaviour is being regulated so that you can enjoy your freedom. Should you go through a rough patch in life, don’t hesitate to walk into any of the offices within Student Affairs for appropriate help and /or intervention.


Adequately qualified staff members who will offer you appropriate guidance and support. Should it be that for some reason the challenge you would be facing remains unresolved, you be referred to some specialist who will help you.

University environment can be very hostile and strange. This can often make you feel lonely and homesick. The extent to which you choose friends and participate in social activities will determine whether you will experience university positively or not. You are advised to choose friends that will help you to stay focused and not detract you from your studies. Make sure that you manage your time effectively and build into your plan enough time for relaxation and socialization.

Exercise your right to belong to a student grouping of your choice and be active in its programs. The nature of the student grouping can be political, social, academic and even religious. In this way you will also develop people skills that can be transferable to many other environments in life.

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Clinical Pathology Building
Sefako Makgatho Health Science University


012 521 3742


Room S530