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Institutional Values

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The university acknowledges that institutional values which are adopted and lived by the entire university community can make a substantial contribution to the culture of the institution and the alignment of the objectives of all stakeholders. Our institutional values are fundamental principles and guide our behaviours and actions every day.
The values of the institution are as follows:

• Accountability: We are obliged to answer for the execution of our responsibilities. Accountability cannot be delegated, whereas responsibility can be delegated without abdicating accountability.
• Effective leadership: we are results-driven and focus on achieving strategic objectives and positive outcomes.
• Efficiency: We pledge to be efficient stewards of the resources entrusted to our care to ensure maximum benefit for the university.
• Excellence: Performance excellence in the core and operational functions of the university.
• Integrity: We act with integrity in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards.
• Respect: We respect and honour the dignity of each person, embrace civil discourse, and foster a diverse, inclusive, and safe community.
• Student centred: Promoting student-centeredness as the heart of the academic enterprise.
• Ubuntu: ubuntu encompasses respect, dignity, value, acceptance, sharing, co-responsibility, humaneness, social justice, fairness, personhood, morality, group solidarity, compassion, conciliation, et cetera.