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Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What are Electronic Resources (e-Resources)?
Electronic Resources are materials in digital format accessible electronically. e-Resources include electronic journals (e-journals), electronic books (e-books) and online databases.
How do I know which e-Resources our library subscribes to?
Follow this link for the full list of Library-subscribed resources
How do I access library e-Resources?
e-Resources may be accessed on-campus and remotely.
How do I access e-Resources remotely?

Two access methods are used for remote access

To register successfully, you need to use your institutional e-mail address when registering. The system will allocate a username for you. An email will be sent to you, where you will be prompted to create a password.  Contact for help with registration. Alternatively, you may contact the Information Services department by emailing  Duduzile NtombelaPatrick Motiang and Pheleluca Mogashoa or  Ext: 4642, 4546 or 3084.

  • Registration on individual databases

Most databases have an option to register a personal profile.

What are the advantages of having such a profile?

This option allows you to personalize your searches, save content (from either searches or browse results), receive alerts and share information.

Why can’t I access all e-Resources remotely?

Certain electronic resources may only be accessed on campus due to licensing agreements with vendors and publishers.

How do I know which e-Resources are accessible remotely?

Database titles listed on the university website indicate the access status.

Why don’t I have access to full text articles on some of the resources I have selected?
  • The library may not have a subscription to the resource.
  • The subscription may have been cancelled with content limited to a specific date range.


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