Health Care Sciences

School of Health Care Sciences



To be a leading School of Health Care Sciences, epitomizing excellence and global competitiveness, addressing the needs of rural communities through innovative ideas.

 Dean’s Message

LekalakalaThe School of Health Care Sciences is a multi-disciplinary school which is committed to the vision of preparing students for the world of work in various contexts addressing the health needs through innovative ideas.

The school consist of six departments, namely, Human Nutrition and Dietietics, Nursing Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech, Language, Pathology and Audiology. The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate as well as post-basic programmes.  All undergraduate programmes within the school are of professional qualifications which are accredited by various professional bodies. It is a multi-disciplinary school which values diversity in its student complement and seeks to admit a mix of students that reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the South African Population.  We pride ourselves in appointing qualified and skilled academic staff who not only teach but continue to be involved in various research projects relevant to their disciplines.

Through its mission the school is dedicated to the training and education of competent health care professionals through:

  • Deploying educational approaches that include evidence-based methods rooted in current best practice principles
  • Promoting inter-professional research, that recognises the inter-disciplinary nature of holistic health care provision
  • Producing cadre of health professionals with capacity to identify, analyse and address the health needs of the individual, the family and the community
  • Creating an environment that supports innovative educational approaches through technology.

Prof E. Lekalakala-Mokgele
PhD (UFS), MSoc Sc (UFS) B Cur I et A (UFH)