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Health Care Sciences Latest Research Output: 2011

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School of Health Care Sciences

Non-Accredited and nonsubsidised Journals
  1. Moetlo GJ, Pengpid S and Peltzer K. An evaluation of the implementation of integrated community home-based care services in Vhembe District, South Africa. Indian Journal of Palliative Care 2011; 17(2): 113-118
  2. Madiba SE. Are biomedicine health practitioners ready to collaborate with traditional health practitioners in HIV and AIDS care in Tutume Sub-district of Botswana. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 2010; 7(3): 219-224
  3. Ibekwe CM, Hoque ME and Ntuli-Ngcobo B. Perceived barriers of cervical cancer screening among women attending Mahalapye district hospital, Botswana. 2(1): 1-9
  4. Hoque ME and Al Banna MF. Perception and awareness of Bangladeshi urban people on climate change and its impact on food security. International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research 2010; 5(4): 441-454
  5. Farwick M, Maczkiewitz U, Lersch P, Summers B and Rawlings AV. Facial skin-lightening benefits of the tetrapeptide pro-lys-glu-lys on subjects with skin V-VI living in South Africa. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 2011; 10: 217-223
Accredited Journals
  1. Lesedi C, Hoque ME and Ntuli-Ngcobo B. Investigating user-friendliness of the sexual and reproductive health services among youth in Botswana. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 2011; 42(6): 1431-1444
  2. Hoque ME. Reported risky sexual practices amongst female undergraduate students in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.   African Journal of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine 2011; 3(1): 1-6
  3. Lopang AJ, Hoque ME and van den Heever H. Patients’ attitudes towards routine HIV testing at Athlone Hospital, Botswana. African Journal of Nursing and Midwifery 2011; 13(1): 14-20
  4. Hoque ME. Sexual practices among male undergraduate students in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2011; 26(3): 157-160
  5. Hoque ME and Ghuman S. Sexual behaviour and knowledge regarding sexually transmitted infections among undergraduate students in Durban, South Africa. Gender and behaviour 2011; 9(1): 3710-3728
  6. Lesedi C, Hoque ME and Ntuli-Ngcobo B. Youth’s Perception towards Sexual and Reproductive Health Services at Family Welfare Association Centres in Botswana. Journal of social sciences 2011; 28(2): 137-143
  7. Madale RG, Hoque ME and van den Heever H. A profile on health status and medical conditions of patients staying longer than the set norm at a district hospital in South Africa. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2011; 26(1): 30-32
  8. Ibekwe CM, Hoque ME and Ntuli-Ngcobo B. Perceived susceptibility of cervical cancer screening among women attending Mahalapye District Hospital, Botswana. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2010; 25(2): 16-21
  9. Bamidele AR, Hoque ME and van den Heever H. Patient satisfaction with the quality of care in a primary health care setting in Botswana. South African Family Practice 2011; 53(2): 170-175
  10. Useh U, Human AM and Phys T. Comrades Marathon for short-term experiential learning as perceived by physiotherapy students: A short report. South African Journal of Physiotherapy 2011; 67(3): 27-30
  11. Skaal L and Pengpid S. Obesity and health problems among South African healthcare workers: do healthcare workers take care of themselves? South African Family Practice 2011; 53(6): 563-567
  12. Khathard H, Ramma L, Pascoe M, Jordaan, Moonsamy S, Wium A-M, du Plessis S, Pottas L and Khan NB. How can speech-language therapists and audiologists enhance language and literacy outcomes in South Africa? (And why we urgently need to).   South African Journal of Communication Disorders 2011; 58:59-71
  13. Naude A, Wium AM and du Plessis S. Re-engineering the curriculum at a rural institution: Reflection on the process of development. South African Journal of Higher Education 2011; 25(4): 1-9
  14. Pengpid S, Peltzer K and van den Heever H. Prevalence of Alcohol Use and Associated Factors in Urban Hospital Outpatients in South Africa. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2011; 8: 2036-2629
  15. Delport R, Bornman R, MacIntyre UE, Oosthuizen NM, Becker P, Aneck-Hahn NH and de Jager C. Changes in Retinol-Binding Protein Concentrations and Thyroid Homeostasis with Non-occupational Exposure to DDT. Environmental Health Perspective 2011; 119(5): 647-651
  16. Zungu LI and Gabe SG. A survey of work, health and safety conditions in small-scale garment enterprises in Gaborone, Botswana. Occupational Health Southern Africa 2011; 17(1): 13-19
  17. Peltzer K and Pengpid S. Overweight and Obesity and Associated Factors among School-Aged Adolescents in Ghana and Uganda. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2011; 8: 1-13
  18. Malangu N. Influence of parents’ and caregivers’ characteristics on the outcomes of antiretroviral treatment in Ugandan children. African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine 2011; 3(1): 1-5
  19. Mulaudzi MV, Pengpid S and Peltzer K. Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Coping Related to HIV and AIDS in a Rural Hospital in South Africa. Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2011; 5(1): 25-32
  20. Useh U, Kotsokoane F and Masenya LP. Postural analysis of risk of neck and low back pain of adolescents in a high school in Pretoria, South Africa. Life Science Journal-Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition 2011; 8(S1): 19-23
  21. Tiengo JG, Pengpid S, Skaal L and Peltzer K. Knowledge attitude and practice of breast cancer examination among women attending a health facility in Gaborone, Botswana. Gender and behaviour 2011; 9(1):3513-3527
  22. Pengpid S and Peltzer K. Hygiene Behaviour and Associated Factors among In-School Adolescents in Nine African Countries. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2011; 18: 150-159
  23. Oyefeso OO, Madiba SE and Houque. Prevalence and profile of injuries in Khorixas District Hospital, Namibia. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2011; 26(2):83-87
  24. Niikondo HN, Hoque ME and Ntuli-Ngcobo B. Home-based caregivers’ knowledge regarding anti-retroviral therapy in Namibia. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 2011; 42(2):409-416
  25. Matshediso K, Mokgatle-Nthabu M and Oguntibeju OO. Satisfaction of AIDS orphans about orphan care and support programme. Scientific Research and Essays 2011; 6(29): 6023-6032
  26. Mokgatle-Nthabu M, van der Westhuizen G and Fritz E. Interpretations of well-being in youth headed households in rural South Africa: a grounded theory study. Child Abuse Research – A South African Journal 2011; 12(2): 66-76
  27. Oguntibeju OO, Nkaku TN and Mokgatle-Nthabu M. People living with HIV and the utilization of home-based care services. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011; 5(20): 3166-3174
  28. Oguntibeju OO, Kayinda M and Mokgatle-Nthabu M. Assessment of the knowledge of prevention of HIV transmission from mother-to-child in an African community. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011; 5(17): 2438-2446
  29. Nteta TP, Mokgatle-Nthabu M and Oguntibeju OO. Utilization of the Primary Health Care Services in the Tshwane Region of Gauteng Province, South Africa. PLoS ONE 2010; 5(11): e13909-e13909
  30. Iredia CH, Oguntibeju OO, Lewis HA and Mokwena K. Trends and characteristics of patients admitted with musculoskeletal tuberculosis to a referral hospital from 2003 to 2008. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011; 5(5): 532-540
  31. Matlakala MC and Mokoena JD. Student nurses’ views regarding disclosure of patients’ confidential information. South African Family Practice 2011; 53(5): 481-487
  32. Akimtade OL and Pengpid S. Awareness and use of and barriers to family planning services among female university students in lesotho. South African journal of obstetrics and Gynaecology 2011; 17(2):36-42
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  34. Skaal L and Pengpid. Physical ativity, fitness level and health problems of healthcare workers in South Africa: The transtheoretical model as an explanatory framework. African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) 2011; 17(4): 612-623
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  38. Pengpid S and Peltzer K. HIV Knowledge, Attitudes, and Sexual Behaviour among Tourism Workers in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Journal of human ecology 2011; 36(2)
  39. Lekalakala-Mokgele S. A literature review of the impact of HIV and AIDS on the role of the elderly in the sub-Saharan African community. Health SA Gesondheid 2011; 16(1)