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Health Care Sciences Latest Research Output: 2013

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  • Pennick G, Charvan B, Summers B and Rawlings AV.   The effect of an amphiphilic self-assembled lipid lamellar phase on the relief of dry skin. International Journal of Cosmetic Science 2012, 34: 567-574
  • Pengpid S, Peltzer K, van der Heever H and Skaal L. Screening and brief interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol use among University students in South Africa: Results from a randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public health 2013, 10: 2043-2057
  • Fernandes L, Burnett RJ, Francois G, Mphahlele M, Van Sprundel M and De Schryver A. Need for a comprehensive, consistently applied national hepatitis B vaccination policy for healthcare workers in higher educational institutions: a case study from South Africa. Journal of Hospital Infection 2013, 83 : 226-231
  • Dlova NC, Nevondo FT, Mwangi E, Summers B, Tsoka-Gwegweni J, Martincigh B and Mulholland D. Chemical analysis and in vitro UV-protection characteristics of clays traditionally used for sun protection in South Africa. Photodermatology Photoimmunology and Photomedicine 2013, 29: 164-169
  • Bejane SM, Havenga Y and van Aswegen E. Primary caregivers’ challenges related to caring for children living with HIV in a semi-rural area in South Africa. African Journal of Nursing & Midwifery 2013, 15 (1): 68-80
  • Chetty D and Hoque M. Effectiveness of a nurse facilitated cognitive group intervention among mild to moderately-depressed-women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. African Journal of Psychiatry 2013, 16: 29-34
  • Malangu N. Analysis of cases of assaults by patients on healthcare service workers in Limpopo Province of South Africa. Occupational Health Southern Africa 2012, 18 (2): 14-19
  • Pengpid S, Peltzer K and Skaal L. Mental health and HIV sexual risk behaviour among University of Limpopo students. South African Journal of Psychiatry 2013, 19(2): 25-30
  • Pengpid S, Peltzer K and Thsitake R. Knowledge and experiences of child care workers regarding care and management of children with special needs in Gauteng, South Africa. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2013, 25 (2): 131-138
  • Madiba S, Hoque ME and Rakgase R: Musculoskeletal disorders among nurses in high acuity areas in a tertiary hospital in South Africa. Occupational Health Southern Africa 2013; 19(1):20-23


Kagasi LV, Zungu L and Hoque H
  • Factors influencing the quality of patient data captured by nurses for the tuberculosis control programme in Oshakati Districts, Namibia. Health SA Gesondheid 2013; 18(1): 1-7
Zaman A and Hoque ME
  • Female role perception, emotional intelligence and interpersonal problem among grade 9 and 10 students from Dhaka, Bangladesh: a comparative study. Gender & Behaviour 2013; 11 (2): 5455-5463
Mohammed AI, Zungu LI and Hoque ME
  •  Access to safe drinking water and availability of environmental sanitation facilities among dukem town households in Ethiopia. Journal of Human Ecology 2013; 41(2):131-138
Pitout H
  • Research Orientation of South African occupational therapists. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy 2013; 43(2):5-11
Pengpid S and Peltzer K
  • Prevalence and psychosocial correlates of illicit drug use among school-going adolescents in Thailand. Journal of Social Sciences; 34 (3):269-275
Wium AM and Louw B
  • Revisiting the roles and responsibilities of speech-language therapist in South African schools. South African Journal of Communication Disorders 2013; 60: 31 – 37
Pengpid S, Peltzer K, Skaal L and Van der Heever Hendry
  • Screening and brief interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol use among hospital outpatients in South Africa: results from a randomized controlled trial. BMC Public Health 2013; 13 (644):1-15
Mndzebele SL and Mckenna S
  • Applying a student curriculum discourse in higher education teaching and learning. Africa Education Review 2013; 10 (1): 1-17
Sengane M
  • Mothers’ expectations of midwives’ care during labour in a public hospital in Gauteng. Curationis 2013; 36 (1):1 -9
Dube N, Adewusi E and Summers R
  •  Antibiotic prescribing patterns among healthcare professionals at Van Velden Memorial Hospital in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province, South Africa. African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences 2016; Vol 22 (1:): 79-97
Madondo A, MacIntyre UE and Ntuli-Ngcobo
  • The clinical and anthropometric profile of undernourished children aged under 5 admitted to Nyangabgwe referral hospital in Botswana. South African Journal of Child Health 2012; 6(4): 123127
Madiba E and Mokwena K
  • Profile and HIV diagnosis disclosure status of children enrolled in a pediatric antiretroviral program in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Southeast Asian Journal Tropical Medicine Public Health 2013; 44(6): 1-11
Mokgatle-nthabu M
  • Education and well-being of orphans living in child and youth headed families in rural North-West Province. Child Abuse Research: A South African Journal 2013; 14 (2):8-18
Pengpid S, Peltzer K and van der Heever H
  •  Problem alcohol use and associated factors in a sample of university students in South Africa. Journal of Psychology in Africa 2013; 23(2), 243-250

Non-Accredited Journals and nonsubsidised articles

  • MALANGU N. Factors associated with metabolic syndrome among HIV-positive patients at a health facility in Botswana. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 2014; 4(12): 2352-2361
  • Malangu N. Evaluating the scale-up of antiretroviral treatment sites in Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa: Achievements and challenges from 2005 to 2010. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 2014: 6(3): 104-108