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Medicine Latest Research Output: 2017

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  •  L.H. Mabuza, L. Mason, and A.B. GaniyuAn evaluation of the Syphilis screening program among pregnant women in Gaborone, Botswana: A five-year retrospective analysis.  The open public health journal, 2017; 10: 117-125.
  • Sone Van Der Walt, Frans J. Van Wijk, Zeelha Abdool, and Anna C. Oettle. The dorsal nerve of the clitoris in relation to urinary incontinence sling procedures. International Urogynecology Journal. 2017; 28: 119-123.
  • Zach M. Koto, Fusi Mosai, and Oleh Y. Matsevych. The use of laparoscopy in managing penetrating thoracoabdominal injuries in Africa: 83 cases reviewed. World Journal of emergency surgery 2017; 12(27): 1-6.
  • Marie Cecilia Le Roux and Anwar Ahmed Hoosen. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis of mycoplasma genitalium infection in South Africa men with and without symptoms of urethritis. Sexually transmitted diseases 2017; 44(1):18-21.
  • Vally, M.Z. Koto and M. Govender. An investigation of diverticular disease among black patients undergoing colonoscopy at Dr George Mokhari Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa. South African Medical Journal. 2017; 107(2):137-139.
  • Oleh Yevhenovych Matsevych, Modise Zacharia Koto, and Colleen Aldous. Laparoscopic-assisted approach for penetrating abdominal trauma: A solution for multiple bowel injuries. International Journal of Surgeries 2017; 44:94-98.
  • Govender I, K.B. Von Pressentin, R.J. Mash, L. Baldwin-Ragaven, R.P.G. Botha, and W.J. Steinberg. The birds-eye perspective: how do district health managers experience the impact of family physicians within the South African district health system? A qualitative study. South African Family Practice. 2017; 4(1):1-8.
  • O.M. Maphasha, I. Govender, C. Barua, and D.P. Motloba. Use of the partogram by doctors and midwives at Odi District Hospital, Gauteng, South Africa. South African Family practice, 2017; 1(1):1-5.
  • Wim Greeff, A. Reza Dehghan-Dehnavi, Jacobus Van Marle, Venous function after pharmacomechanical thrombolysis for extensive iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis. South African Journal of Radiology, 2017; 21(1):1-5.
  • Zatu MC, van Rooyen JM, Kruger A and Schutte AE. Alcohol intake, hypertension development and mortality in black South Africans. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 2016; 23(3): 308-315
  • Govender I, Nel KA, and Sibuyi XM. An investigatio into alcohol use among female undergraduate psychology students at the University of Limpopo, South Africa. Journal of psychology 2017; 8(1): 43-53


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Govender I, Steyn C, Maricowitz G, Clark CC and Tjale MC
  • Southern African Journal of Infectious Diseases 2017; 1(1): 1-7
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  • Mahlangu NP and Nyathi M. Protocol for differentiated thyroid cancer management at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital. Australasian Medical Journal 2017; 10(9): 759-764
  • Nyathi M and Mahlangu NP. Investigation of different types of carcinomas among differentiated thyroid cancer patients managed in the in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, South Africa; A five year retrospective study. Australasian Medical Journal 2017; 1(1): 1-7
  • Mahlangu NP. Determination of optimum planar imaging parameters for small structures with diameters less than the resolution of the gamma camera. Iranian Journal of Medical Physics 2017; 14(4): 219-228
  • Nyathi M and Sithole EM. Salivary glands scintigraphy with partial volume effects quantification: A phantom feasibility study. Australasian Medical Journal 2017; 10(9):752-758
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Nganase TR and Basson W
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  • Basson W and Essack FA. Neurobehavioural profile following cumulative mild traumatic brain injury in adolescent rugby players in South Africa. Journal of Psychology in Africa 2017; 27(6): 553-556
  • Monama DD and Basson W. Looking in the mirror: The cultural experiences of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. Pula: Botswana journal of African studies 2017; 31(2): 46-58
  • Nganase TR and Basson W. Socio-cultural influences on the mother-and-daughter-in-law relationship within a South African context. Pula: Botswana journal of African studies 2017; 31(1): 65-89
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Ndombo PK, Ndze VN, Fokunang C, Ashukem TN, Boula A, Kinkela MN, Ndode CE, Seheri ML, Bowen MD, Waku-Kouomou D and Esona MD
  • Pre-vaccine circulating group a rotavirus strains in under 5 years children with accute diarrhea during 199-2013 in Cameroon. Virology 2017; 1(4): 1-13