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2022 Call for SMU Students to Register as CUTL’s Tutors

2022 Call for SMU Students to Register as CUTL’s Tutors – CENTRE FOR UNIVERSITY TEACHING AND LEARNING (CUTL)

Purpose for the Call

The purpose of this call is to obtain a list of applicants who have the potential to be appointed as CUTL tutors in order to offer tutorial support to vulnerable students. The tutors will be available for appointment to specific schools and allocated to students who are at-risk of failure or academic exclusion. The program will be centralised at CUTL and will be coordinated from the Unit of Student Academic Development and Support.

Minimum Requirements

1. A minimum academic performance of 65% average in the previous year (2020 academic year) of study
2. Be willing to assist students with academic support

The following students WILL NOT be considered for registration:

• Students repeating a module/course in 2022 academic year.
• Students employed in other positions within the university (e.g., Mentors, Student advisors or tutors).

Skills Required:

• Interpersonal and communication skills
• Time management skills
• Ability to work with a small group (5 to 8) of students
• Excellent content knowledge and understanding

Applications closes: 14 February 2022 – NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED

If you would like to apply to register your name on CUTL tutor database, please use the link below:

(Please copy and paste the link on your browser to access the online application form)

Please note for any enquiries regarding this post, please email:

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