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Symbolic graduation ceremonies on 20 and 21 September 2022

The Executive Committee of Senate at its meeting held on 14 April 2022, resolved that symbolic and in-person graduation ceremonies will be held on 20 and 21 September 2022 for students who graduated virtually in 2020 and 2021 because of the national lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The symbolic graduation ceremonies are intended to afford those graduates the opportunity to walk the stage, be capped and take pictures.

The ceremonies are also intended to accommodate students who completed their 2021 studies after the May 2022 graduation ceremonies and could therefore not graduate in May.

The symbolic graduation ceremonies will be rolled out as follows:

a. An online survey was conducted to determine the level on interest among the 2020 and 2021 graduates.
b. More than 850 of them have shown interest.
c. The number of ceremonies will be determined and graduates will be informed about the details of their specific ceremonies.
d. Each graduate will be allowed to invite two guests.

For more information, feel free to contact Ms Martha Jiyane on:

3 AUGUST 2022

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University Academic Calendar for the 2022 2nd Semester

At its meeting held on 29 July 2022, the Executive Committee of Senate (ECS) approved the revised calendar for the second semester for 2022, with the exception for the calendar for the School of Medicine, which is being implemented by the School. The calendar can be summarized, at a very high level, as follows:

a. Unless otherwise already determined by the Schools and communicated to the students as in the case of the School of Medicine and School of Oral Health Sciences, the semester’s academic activities will resume on 15 August 2022 and end on 15 December 2022;
b. Study/revision week prior to the commencement of standard examinations is 31 October 2022 and end on 4 November 2022;
c. End-of year standard examinations shall commence on 7 November 2022 and end on 25 November 2022. However, the Occupational Therapy Department shall commence with their final year practical/clinical examinations, taking place in different clinical facilities on 24 October 2022 as already confirmed by the School.
d. Supplementary/deferred examinations shall commence on 5 December 2022 and end on 13 December 2022;
e. Oath taking activities will be held during 13-14 December 2022; and
f. The standard examinations and end-of block examination results, as the case may be, will be released on 15 December 2022, and the University will close on the day, 15 December 2022.

As this provides a broad framework, the details in relation to end of block assessments and clinical assessments for relevant Schools will be communicated directly by the Schools to the affected students. With regard to the academic activities for the School of Oral Health Sciences’ Bachelor of Dental Surgery IV and V students, the exact assessment dates will be communicated directly by the School to the affected students.

Finally, for specific cohort of students enrolled for Bachelor of Nursing and other programmes in the School of Health Care Sciences, the School will also communicate the exact dates for their assessments, given mandatory clinical requirements/quotas to be completed for some of these programmes. For more information, see the updated calendar attached, you may contact Mr. Sylvester Khohliso, Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration at

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DR JM Mabelebele

SRC donates R250 000 to SMU Explosive Talent Project

SRC donates R250 000 to SMU Explosive Talent Project

A significant part of being a student is the need for a balance between academics and social life. This balance was, evidently, disrupted at the height of covid-19, particularly, during the hard lockdown period. A need, therefore, arises for students to be more creative in how they express themselves in response to the changes necessitated by covid-19.

What better way to cater for them than the provision of a platform through which they can showcase their talents?

It is in this context that, support for the SMU Explosive Talent Project is the SRCs way of showing students that the SMU SRC 2021/22 is “a listening and caring SRC”. This is a project that seeks to improve and better the lives of the students. Against this background, the SRC donated an amount of R250 000 to support the project; thus, ensuring that it is managed without facing financial constraints. This was done under the SRC theme: 2022 the year of revitalizing student life.

It is important to note that SMU Explosive Talent is one of the biggest student events which contributes to students’ life at the university. This is a demonstration that whilst academics are important, there is a need to strike a balance with some fun activities. This, also, remains the biggest contribution that the SRC has ever made towards this event.

“It remains a commitment of the SRC to revive student activities on campus in post-covid 19 hard lockdown period. SMU Explosive Talent is, similar to the Hands of Compassion, a project that the SRC has identified as a contribution towards improving the students’ social and academic wellbeing. We donated this money in order to ensure that the SMU Explosive Talent manages its activities without facing financial constraints. As the SRC, we lead students at a time that requires us to be more creative and innovative to combat all forms of depression experienced by the students during the hard lockdown period,” explains SRC Secretary-General, Daniel Masekwameng.

The SRC opted to support this project given that it presents a perfect alignment with the theme adopted at the beginning of the year. In this regard, the SRC President Philani Mdakane, further indicated that: “We would like to encourage all students, especially, first-year students to participate in this project. This is only the beginning of many initiatives that the SRC is going to initiate to revitalise student life,”

In response, Project Manager of SMU Explosive Talent, Sipho Mapfumari, said that “SMU’s Explosive Talent project is back to show you the greatest talent at SMU. We would like to thank the 2021/2022 SMU SRC for this generous donation to help us bring back this student event. This is the biggest contribution that we have ever received from an SRC. It is encouraging to see an SRC that is invested in servicing students. Words cannot begin to express how appreciative we are of this contribution. We are back and we will give the SMU community the best show we possibly can. We promise to give a full account of every cent that we have received. Thank you once again to the SRC”, he concluded.

SRC Donates R250 000-Newsflash-

SMU Council enthused with progress on infrastructure development around Campus

SMU Council enthused with progress on infrastructure development around Campus

As part of its oversight responsibility, on 04 May 2022, SMU Council members visited research facilities on campus and also acquainted themselves with progress made on various major infrastructure projects. Leading the Council delegation was the Deputy Chair of Council Ms. Mmanare Mamabolo. She emphasized the importance of working collaboratively in the journey of taking SMU to its intended status of a leading health sciences university with a focus on its academic and research core business. Ms. Mamabolo reflected that in the midst of various challenges, SMU had made significant progress in improving the learning and living environment of its students and staff. Whilst she acknowledged that SMU had ambitious infrastructure development and maintenance projects, “we will have to eat this elephant one piece at a time”. Members of Council expressed their support for the work done by the Vice Chancellor Prof Peter Mbati and his team.

Among the facilities visited by Council members included the Mecru Clinical Research Unit where a range of human clinical trials are conducted; the new state of the art high resolution Electron Microscopy Unit; Student Residences; the construction site for the 2,000 bed student residences; the upgraded and tarred university ring road; the boundary wall with both clear view fence and concrete walls; the refurbished swimming pool; the New Entrepreneurial Incubation Centre; the Pharmacy Labs; ICT’s data centre which is part of the multi million rand ICT forklift project; student pavilion and, finally the refurbished staff cafeteria.

The Vice-Chancellor acknowledged and expressed appreciation to members of the University Council for the support that they have continued to give management which has been the main driver on the stability currently experienced on campus and the ability of management to focus on the execution of its core responsibilities.

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SMU Council enthused with progress on infrastructure development around Campus

The 2000 bed student accommodation project is progressing well

The 2000 bed student accommodation project is progressing well

The University has a stated objective, of ensuring student life that contributes towards a conducive living and studying environment. A critical aspect in this regard is adequate student accommodation. It is in this context that the 2000 bed student accommodation complex is being constructed on the foot of the mountain overlooking the SMU campus.

During a recent site visit by a delegation led by the Vice – Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbati, the team was informed that Phase 1 of the 2000 bed accommodation project has reached approximately 30% completion. Interestingly, it is envisaged that this phase will be completed by December 2022.

According to Ms. Nangamso Makgoka, Acting Director Built Environment, the interesting part of the project is that the 2000 bed residence’s foundation was built on a bed rock, thus giving assurance on the longevity and durability of the buildings.

To access full article, please follow this link: The 2000 bed student accommodation project is progressing well

SMU Vice-Chancellor appeals to business and stakeholders to partner with the University

SMU Vice-Chancellor appeals to business and stakeholders to partner with the University

At the conclusion of the recent launch of the business and stakeholder gala dinner, the Vice-Chancellor of Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University Professor Peter Mbati has reached out to stakeholders in government, public and private sector to partner with the University in various projects to ensure that SMU continues to play a meaningful role as the only dedicated health sciences university in the region.

In welcoming all the guests, the Chairperson of the University Council Ms Maria Rambauli said, the purpose of the occasion was for the Vice- Chancellor to share with business and stakeholders the journey of where SMU is going and to make the right contacts. The Council Chairperson called upon all executives, students and staff to be proud of what the university is doing. “I am passionate about this university as its product”, she said. She reminded everyone that at the end of it all, it is about the children from different backgrounds who come to SMU in search of that gold that is their Degree which will enrich their lives forever.

To access full article, please follow this link: SMU Vice-Chancellor appeals to business and stakeholders to partner with the University