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Prof PH Demana appointed as a member of the Provincial Health Research Committee (PHRC) of Gauteng

The Honourable MEC for Health in Gauteng, Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi has recently appointed Professor Patrick Demana, currently Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate Studies and Innovation at SMU to serve in the Gauteng PHRC for the next three years until the end of 2024. The functions of PHRC are multifold and this include amongst others to co-ordinate and lead the research priority se ng, develop research agenda, promote use of health research outcomes in policy development, and also in collaboration with various stakeholders to develop research capacity development strategy in the province.

Prof Demana expressed his gratitude and mentioned that he feels honoured to be appointed in this important position, and he will ensure that SMU in collaboration with other research stakeholders contribute significantly for the benefit of everyone, and in particular in the areas of promo ng training and research capacity development. He further remarked that the activities of PHRC under its terms of reference will be reported to the National Department of Health.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Mbati on behalf of SMU congratulates Prof Demana for this prestigious appointment, and says that this bodes well for SMU as it demonstrates the calibre of staff members that the University has who are also prepared to serve the country. “There is no doubt that SMU will benefit in one form or another”, said the VC.

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