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Health Minister appoints Prof Demana to serve on Multi Stakeholder Forum

Health Minister appoints Prof Demana to serve on Multi Stakeholder Forum

The Minister of Health Dr. MJ Phaahla has appointed the SMU Acting DVC Academic and Research Prof. Patrick Hulisani Demana to serve on the Forum to promote Transparency and Multi Stakeholder Engagement Regarding Medicine Availability for the period ending March 2024.

The Forum serves as an advisory body that will assist the Minister of Health in finding solutions towards the improvement of access to and availability of medicine in line with the National Strategy to improve Medicine Availability. This is important because the availability of medicines and other health commodities is an essential element in the provision of quality healthcare to South Africans.

Furthermore, the Forum seeks to contribute to improving access to and availability of medicines and through enhanced transparency, equity, efficiency, responsiveness and accountability in the supply chain by:

• Providing a structured opportunity for stakeholders to share information and stimulate dialogue about medicine access and availability and enable a deeper understanding of challenges faced;
• Allowing an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to finding solutions to challenges identified, including making contributions to the policy making process;
• Increasing awareness and stimulating participation of the public in actions to facilitate access to and availability of medicines;
• Advising the Minister of Health on appropriate solutions rec ommended by The Forum.

Prof. Demana’s appointment is, indeed, an acknowledgement of the increasingly, significant role that SMU academics continue to play with regard to National development issues.

Prof. Demana, SMU prides itself in this great acknowledgement of your expertise at National level!

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SMU Congratulates Prof Peter Mbati on his 2nd Year Anniversary as Vice-Chancellor

SMU Congratulates Prof Peter Mbati on his 2nd Year Anniversary as Vice-Chancellor

Exceptional leadership and accelerated delivery – features of Mbati’s two-year tenure as Vice-Chancellor of SMU

This week marks the second year since Prof Peter Mbati took the reins at SMU as Vice-Chancellor. A cursory look at the past two years offers a picture of hope for this institution. Armed with a 5-year strategic plan, the Vice-Chancellor has been hands on to ensure that this fledgling University deals with its challenges and progresses to realize its full potential in the higher education space.

Under Prof Mbati’s leadership, SMU has ramped up the delivery of new infrastructure projects on campus and the revitalization of aging ones including the premium 2,000 bed student accommodation facility, the 800 bed student accommodation project, the bulk water project, campus perimeter wall, installation of high mast lights, CCTV cameras and a drone to complement the campus security efforts, renewal of various sporting facilities, staff and students cafeteria, building of pharmacy labs, maximization of library space and modernization of the facility, forklift upgrade of the campus ICT infrastructure, upgrades and maintenance of student residences, and tarring of the campus ring road, among many other planned and ongoing projects.
Some of the projects have been completed while others are at an advanced stage of accomplishment.

Most notably, the centrality of the academic enterprise is firmly on the Agenda of Management and key strategies are being introduced and implemented to ensure the University realizes its key strategic objectives in relation to the core business.

The Vice-Chancellor is also on a crusade to build and maintain relations with key stakeholders internally and externally to ensure they play a meaningful role in building a successful SMU. Moreover, the University has also recently filled in key positions including that of the Chief Operations Officer and several Directors to set the institution on a new trajectory of success.

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SMU to host its first face-to-face graduations after two years of virtual ceremonies.

Media Advisory
Date: 23 May 2022
For Immediate Release

The year 2019 was the last year where higher education institutions hosted face to face graduation ceremonies due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU) was equally affected, with the 2020 and 2021 graduation ceremonies conducted virtually.

However, after the National State of Disaster was terminated by Cabinet on the 4th of April, the University will be hosting its first face-to-face graduation ceremonies. This year’s graduation ceremonies are scheduled to take place from the 25-27 May 2022 at the SMU Sports complex.

As indicated on the table below, a total of 1435 students will graduate, with a total of 16 Doctoral degrees in 4 of the 5 SMU Schools.

Undergraduate Degrees 411
Honours Degrees 107
Masters Degrees 12
Doctoral Degrees 8
Undergraduate Degrees 218
Postgraduate Diplomas 16
Masters Degrees 31
Doctoral Degrees 3
Higher Certificates 4
Undergraduate Degrees 71
Masters Degrees 26
Doctoral Degrees 1
Higher Certificates 6
Undergraduate Degrees 282
Honours Degrees 77
Masters Degrees 73
Doctoral Degrees 4
Undergraduate Degrees 73
Postgraduate Diplomas 4
Masters Degrees 8
Doctoral Degrees 0

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Media Advisory SMU 2022 Graduations 

SMU Council enthused with progress on infrastructure development around Campus

SMU Council enthused with progress on infrastructure development around Campus

As part of its oversight responsibility, on 04 May 2022, SMU Council members visited research facilities on campus and also acquainted themselves with progress made on various major infrastructure projects. Leading the Council delegation was the Deputy Chair of Council Ms. Mmanare Mamabolo. She emphasized the importance of working collaboratively in the journey of taking SMU to its intended status of a leading health sciences university with a focus on its academic and research core business. Ms. Mamabolo reflected that in the midst of various challenges, SMU had made significant progress in improving the learning and living environment of its students and staff. Whilst she acknowledged that SMU had ambitious infrastructure development and maintenance projects, “we will have to eat this elephant one piece at a time”. Members of Council expressed their support for the work done by the Vice Chancellor Prof Peter Mbati and his team.

Among the facilities visited by Council members included the Mecru Clinical Research Unit where a range of human clinical trials are conducted; the new state of the art high resolution Electron Microscopy Unit; Student Residences; the construction site for the 2,000 bed student residences; the upgraded and tarred university ring road; the boundary wall with both clear view fence and concrete walls; the refurbished swimming pool; the New Entrepreneurial Incubation Centre; the Pharmacy Labs; ICT’s data centre which is part of the multi million rand ICT forklift project; student pavilion and, finally the refurbished staff cafeteria.

The Vice-Chancellor acknowledged and expressed appreciation to members of the University Council for the support that they have continued to give management which has been the main driver on the stability currently experienced on campus and the ability of management to focus on the execution of its core responsibilities.

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SMU Council enthused with progress on infrastructure development around Campus

Recognition for SMU CFO, Mr Eminos Manyawi

Recognition for SMU CFO, Mr Eminos Manyawi

On Wednesday 16 March 2022, our Chief Financial Officer, Mr Eminos Manyawi was bestowed with an award / plaque “of recognition for outstanding commitment to supporting the endeavours of HIGHER HEALTH in improving the lives of students countrywide” by the Honourable Minister Dr Blade Nzimande and the Honourable Deputy Minister Buti Manamela.

Higher Health is an entity of Universities South Africa that receives support from the DHET, the EU and other domestic funders. Its mandate is to realise graduate success by ensuring the holistic development of South African students, where their health psychological development and safety play a central role to their families, community and the country’s economy at large.

Higher Health has a presence at every public health and TVET throughout the country.

Mr Manyawi is a member of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee of the Board of Higher Health and has been in this role for the last three years. During that time, he has been involved in seeing the phenomenal growth of the entity both from its operational capacity, staffing and funding.

Besides the Minister and his Deputy, the ceremony was attended by other dignitaries including the European Union Ambassador to South Africa and the entire board of Higher Health.

We congratulate him.

Recognition for SMU CFO, Mr Eminos Manyawi

Prof PH Demana appointed as a member of the Provincial Health Research Committee (PHRC) of Gauteng

Prof PH Demana appointed as a member of the Provincial Health Research Committee (PHRC) of Gauteng

The Honourable MEC for Health in Gauteng, Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi has recently appointed Professor Patrick Demana, currently Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Postgraduate Studies and Innovation at SMU to serve in the Gauteng PHRC for the next three years until the end of 2024. The functions of PHRC are multifold and this include amongst others to co-ordinate and lead the research priority se ng, develop research agenda, promote use of health research outcomes in policy development, and also in collaboration with various stakeholders to develop research capacity development strategy in the province.

Prof Demana expressed his gratitude and mentioned that he feels honoured to be appointed in this important position, and he will ensure that SMU in collaboration with other research stakeholders contribute significantly for the benefit of everyone, and in particular in the areas of promo ng training and research capacity development. He further remarked that the activities of PHRC under its terms of reference will be reported to the National Department of Health.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Mbati on behalf of SMU congratulates Prof Demana for this prestigious appointment, and says that this bodes well for SMU as it demonstrates the calibre of staff members that the University has who are also prepared to serve the country. “There is no doubt that SMU will benefit in one form or another”, said the VC.

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