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Academic Exclusions Appeals and application for readmission in 2023

Students who were registered for the 2022 academic year are hereby reminded about the important information related to academic exclusion appeals processes and the procedure to lodge appeals:

1. Academic exclusion

1.1 Students who have failed to meet minimum academic progression requirements will be academically excluded in line with the applicable University rules and the Academic Exclusion Policy.
1.2 However, excluded students have the right to appeal for readmission through the established procedure.
1.3 Students who do not appeal their exclusion within the stipulated period will remain excluded for a period of one year. If they subsequently wish to return to SMU, they will have to apply for readmission to the same or another qualification.

2. Grounds for appeal

The following circumstances constitute acceptable grounds for appeal by an academically excluded student:

2.1 Medical grounds: This includes illness as diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner or registered psychologist which contributed to the student’s academic exclusion. In such instances, a medical or psychologist report must be attached to the appeal application.
2.2 Compassionate grounds: This includes death of an immediate family member, which have contributed to the student’s academic exclusion. In such cases, evidentiary proof should be attached, and the extent to which the death of a family has affected the student’s performance.
2.3 Compelling grounds: This includes any convincing, credible and/or conclusive circumstances beyond the control of the student which may have contributed to the student’s academic exclusion.

3. Procedure for lodging an appeal

3.1 Appeals should be lodged on the prescribed form within ten (10) days after the receipt of their exclusion letters.
3.2 The completed form together with supporting documentation should be emailed to: Alternatively they can be submitted to office number N007 on the ground floor in the Clinical Pathology Building.
3.3 The outcome of the Joint Council and Senate Academic Exclusion Appeals Committee is FINAL and no further appeals will be considered.
3.4 The appeal forms for undergraduate and postgraduate students are attached.

Issued by:
Office of the Registrar
12 December 2022




Notice to Students Academic Exclusion Appeals

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