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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The Objective of the Safety and Security Department to serve the University in its activities of teaching, learning, research and community engagement, by effectively contributing towards an environment that is conducive to such activities.

This would be achieved by providing a system of safety guards designed to protect the physical property of the University and to ensure safety and security in the university for all students, staff and persons interacting with the university.

Services rendered: 

  • Operational Control Room on Campus 24hrs/day
  • CCTV monitoring 24hrs/day
  • Management of access cards
  • Reaction vehicle with SMU Supervisor 24hrs/day
  • Crime investigation/prevention/Incident management
  • Emergency Medical Services: SMU Ambulance Service
  • Special Events Management on Campus
  • Locksmith services

Safety and Security Contact Details:

Physical address:

Old Nutrition Building next to University main entrance

Contact number:

Campus Control Room: (012) 521 4139

Supervisor on duty 24/7: 082 793 1367/6004